Rover 45 Oil high Consumption - english
My Rover 45 which is only 10 months old and done just over 14000 miles has used 3 litres of oil in that time. My dealer says this can be normal but it does not sound right to me.

That is would be over 1/4 litre of oil per month, which can not be right.

Is their something wrong or do the 45 use this much oil? And have I damaged my engine?

Hope you can help

Rover 45 Oil high Consumption - Aprilia
I assume its been changed in this time?

If you mean that you've topped-up to the extent that 3 litres have been put in over a 14000 miles period then that's not too bad. Your consumption is about half-a-pint per 1000's miles, which is OK.
Rover 45 Oil high Consumption - english
No Rover dont do the first service until 12 months or 15000 miles. Which is when they do the first oil change.

I have go to say I've had mini,s metro's (1A-series ad 1 K-series) and a 400 and none of then (except the mini with an oil leak as they all do) needed hardly any topping up.

But from what you say 3 litres 14000 miles seems normal. Where does it all go?? After all it is a lot of Oil.

Unfortunalty for me (or stupidly !!) It was 3 litres in one go!!. Apparently the should take 4.5 litres of oil. So I ran it pritty low. Hopfully It still seems to run o.k.


Rover 45 Oil high Consumption - king arthur
Modern engines can use a lot of oil in the first few thousand miles, you should only worry if it continues using it at the same rate from here on in.

I used to have an old Jag that used a litre of oil every 100 miles, now THAT'S worrying!

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