300zx gallons to the mile - h2
evening all,a couple of years back i had a 280zx with fuel consumption i was happy with,im currently doing up a 91 non turbo,auto 300zx,,which i recently bought (week),,god its heavy on the fuel,the suction on the fuel cap on release was big,so i left it loose to stop tank splitting etc,,,can anyone give any info on why or how to stop vacuum on it,,would this cause such excessive fuel consumption,,,i know they are heavy on fuel,but it was cheaper to drive my 6 berth motorhome,,,lee
300zx gallons to the mile - Phil I
Had one for about six months. Never got better than 15mpg driven gently. Realistic consumption more in range 7/11 foot to floor.
I think you may find the breather hole in fuel cap is blocked (dead spider perhaps??)

Happy Motoring Phil I
300zx gallons to the mile - pastyman
Also check that it has the correct filler cap fitted in the first place, as there are ventilated and non ventilated types available.

300zx gallons to the mile - h2
your probably right about 7/11,,i reckon im getting that around town,,,average 20 mpg im happyish with ,but getting down to half that is to heavy going for me,,it took me 3 and half hours from camden to swindon today in my girls calibra ,£18 round trip,,2+ hours of just idling in london would have done that in the z,,,i love this car,just cant see why so much differance between 280zx and the 300zx on consumption......i think im gonna let this one go and resell pretty quick (next week),,or would like to drop a differant lump in it,,,i think im looking at the car as object of beauty,and not to bothered about the bhp,especially when theres so much gridlock everywhere,and speed cameras and chicanes ,humps etc out even on the country roads,id be more than happy to potter along in it at average speeds without the guzzle,,got any ideas what would easily drop into it with a gearbox,,,a deisel from an ldv perhaps (joke),,will check the cap tomorow.


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