Cam Belt - Saab - jb
A well aired subject I know, but I have just had an update from Saab for my 9-5 M2002, saying that for the 3.0TiD the cam belt change has been moved out from 48,000 miles to 125,000 miles. This seems like an enormous jump. Is there a reason for it?
Cam Belt - Saab - Big John
The Cam belt change on my Octavia is supposed to be at 120,000!! miles, have they changed the construction of the belts?
Cam Belt - Saab - eMBe {P}
It could be that they
1. have improved the design strength of the belts,
2. or have realised from experience that the previous intervals were too conservative,
3. or that there were far more incidents of ruined engines after botched belt-changes
4. or that fleet sales were going to chain engines to save on belt change costs.

I personally subscribe to theory 3. The only cases (about 6 from memory, on all on Vectra or AudiA4 ) that I personally know of, where engines have been damaged, is after botched cam-belt changes.

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