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Used BMW 523 - George
I am have seen a '98R BMW 523SE, grey with 97K miles advertised for £9450. It has a full BMW service history (ex-lease vehicle from Devon). It is being sold by a home trader. Am I potentially buying trouble? How many miles can these cars do? If bore wear was to be a problem, surely it would have surfaced by now? (I did a search for threads on this topic last night, but couldn't find what I was looking for). If the engine were to pop, what recourse would I have to the trader?
Re: Used BMW 523 - Andy Bairsto
recourse none,they will do comfortable 200000mls if they have been propally serviced ,run your fingures over the discs to see how worn they are a big ridge at the edge will tell you they have not been changed at last service also a good indicator as to how the car has been treated by the last owner.These cars can be awfully expensive when they go wrong .Good place for spares at a reasonable price is euro car parts
Re: Used BMW 523 - Stu
I couldn't tell you the first thing about this model of car, but 18 months ago I bought a two year old Audi A6 with 92k miles, that had sat on the motorway in top gear for most of them. It too had a full service history etc. I was very thorough with my checks (including contacting the servicing dealer to confirm servicing) then bought the car for a steal. It has been an excellent buy. It looks and drives as new. All equiptment works faultlessly, engine sweet as a nut etc.
I have bought high mileage cars (with good service histories) for years and as yet not bought a bad one.
Don't be put off by the mileage.
Good luck
Re: Used BMW 523 - Bill Doodson
Andy Bairsto is right about Euro Car Parts I kept my Passat going for a long time on "Factory spares" at sometimes less than 1/3rd VW price. There was an article in one of the Sunday papers about the owner, a Sikh I think, whose reason to live was "the best for less". What ever a main man.


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