Promo items ideas for HJ - Dipstick
As money is always a problem for this site, and has been discussed to death, how about some ideas for items you would be prepared to buy? I for one would buy a car sticker with "Meet me in the Backroom" or some such double entendre on it. Or a mug with a mugshot of HJ on it. Any others?
Promo items ideas for HJ - El Hacko
clearly the Teleg is the only national newspaper that will publicise HJ - surely his life so far and the interest this splendid site has stirred both nationally and internationally, merits a feature on him in the main news section?
"Honest car dealer drives worldwide audience"......?

El Hacko
Promo items ideas for HJ - Mark (RLBS)
I do appreciate the thinking behind this, and its the kind of suggestions we are always ready to hear;

But please can we keep such discussions/thoughts to e-mail.

HJ at
Mods at

Thank you.


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