Sandbanks Ferry - Canon Fodder

I seem to recall that we have a number of Poole residents in the house - can anyone answer the following about the sandbanks to swanage ferry....

1. does it still exist?
2. does it run all year round?
3. ....7 seven days a week?
4. give a rough idea of frequency please.

Much obliged....

Sandbanks Ferry - T Lucas
Runs all the time,can get very busy,its bigger now than the old one from a few years ago,you can't get duty free on it.
Sandbanks Ferry - pafosman
agreed about the duty frees but the point of the ferry is that your 4 year old wont know! hence he/she will be the one who goes into school and tells teacher 'we went abroad for a picnic on saturday' this can be extended to 'aunty tracy lives abroad' etc

one day of course like the tooth fairy and father xmas the truth will out but in the mean time it represents wonderful value for money!

Sandbanks Ferry - SjB {P}
I cut and paste 'sandbanks to swanage ferry' from your post in to Google, and the first hit was, complete with timetable

Funny that. ;-)

Sandbanks Ferry - No Do$h
Be warned that if the weather is halfway reasonable, the queue can make you wish you had opted for France. If you want to use it to get to the Studland beaches, take advantage of car park at Sandbanks (in itself a feat to get into on a nice day) and either walk or cycle to the ferry. Bike return is about £1.60.

My daughter (4 in the next few weeks) thinks it's great - tells everyone about the big boat she went on. The Brittany Ferries "Barfleur" passed in front of us on one crossing and she commented on that other little boat we saw.

May be using it myself this weekend, so could see you there.

Sandbanks Ferry - RickyBoy
Used it exactly two weeks ago. Took my MTB across to ride around Purbeck/Studland, etc. Interestingly, as I was sat on a bench on the Poole side enjoying the views before deciding to venture across, an ambulance pulled-up at the front of the waiting queue blue lights flashing. Obviously, it was ushered straight on. However, as soon as the boat had emptied they upped sticks and set sail leaving most of the next queue standing and waiting on the street for the next passage. Bit frustrating for those left behind I guess but that's showbiz?

Passed a number of ominous looking 'you will have at least a 1.5 hour wait from this point to reach the ferry' signs along the way in, so I guess it could get pretty frustrating at the height of summer down there. Lovely nevertheless...
Sandbanks Ferry - Canon Fodder

Many thanks to all.

I'm not actually going to use it until October, hopefully most of the beach traffic will have died down by then.

Thanks again for all the info,

Sandbanks Ferry - HisHonour {P}
You may find some who have been queuing since June!
Sandbanks Ferry - No Do$h
Those visiting Sandbanks, parting with £8 for a day's parking, would spit blood if they knew that Poole residents can buy an annual season ticket for that car park for less than £40...

Sandbanks Ferry - Phoenicks
I think its great that for once the local people actually get a better deal than visitors. Bournemouths really expensive for parking and living here, but the wages aren't that great.

However, Sandbanks is a bit cheeky giving discounts seeing as its the 4th most expensive place in the world for land prices. Try £2.5m - £8m for a beachfront Sandbanks property....


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