Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - arnold2
Tried 3 different internet route-planners, driving from Cambridge to Loch Ness, and they all came up with different routes !

Which is quicker going north - A1 or M6. A1 is quicker mileage-wise, but seems chock-full of lorries most of the time !!

Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - LukeP
Having done the trip myself in August this year, I can tell you that the best route is straight up the M6 till Carlise, then get onto the M74 to Glasgow. Then take the A82 to Loch Ness. A long distance but easier and shorter than the A1 route.
Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - edisdead {P}
You could get nastily stuck in delays either route, but I would take the M6 purely to avoid the treacherous stretch of A1 between Northumberland and Edinburgh. A real nightmare in winter. Plus the M6 through the Lake District is very attractive.
Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - Bromptonaut
Does your M6 option route M11/A14 then via Brum?. Another option is to stay onthe M1 to junction 24 then use the A50 to Stoke followed by the A500 to regain the M6 at J15. Avoids Brum but not the thellwall shenanigins.

M11/A1 to Scotch Corner then A66 to M6 is another choice. Or if you've time to spare M1 to Leeds then A65 to Kendal for the M6, stopping at the original Harry Ramsdens at Guiseley for a meal should you be peckish by then.

Loch Ness is pretty big so your route north of the border may be determined by wherabouts on it's length you are headed. Assume Luke's A82 route is via Lomondside and Crianlarrich to Fort William. A variation avoiding the narrow section of the A82 from Tarbet to Crainlarich is to route via Stirling, Doune and Callender(A85?) through lovely Scottish scenery without the Loch Lomond coach parties.

Another choice would be direct to Inverness via the A9.
Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - T Lucas
Easyjet or Ryanair,usually cheaper too.
Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - Chas{P}
Agree with LukeP but take the M1 then A50 to Stoke and back onto the M6 to avoid the Birmingham snarl up.


Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - smokie
I used to travel to Glasgow regularly (weekly) and don't ever recall any problem once past Manchester on the M6 (except, of course, getting stopped for 108 mph....)
Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - arnold2
Thanks guys ! Thought the A1 sounded a bit daft - computers, eh !

The M6 route it gave throws me straight across the A14 to where it meets the M6 - Simon's M1 to 24 sounds a bit more sensible.

Let you know if I spot Nessy .... ! :-)
Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - M.M
Been doing this route, starting very near you arnold2, for over 20yrs.

A1/A9 for me every time. Why cross the country to the M6?

Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - Nsar
Not familiar with A1 North of Newcastle but if I was in Cambridge and wanted to be a long way North ASAP I'd go A1 every time.
The M6 seems to throw you along way west to come back east, but if you are going to do it, A14/M1/A50/M6 is better than Brum, it all depends when you're going to be doing the Cheshire stretch if late afternoon it can pretty heavy from Stoke to beyond the M62, sometimes all the way to Tickled Trout at Preston, thereafter a breeze but watch for the cops between Jn36 and Penrith they're hot.
If the A1 north of Newcastle is a shocker, Scotch Corner/A66 is quickish to the M6 unless it's a Friday when PeterB and his chums in Mistrals, Marauders and other beige boxes may impede you.
With all due respect to whoever posted it, Leeds/A65/M6 - NO NO NO! That road is sponsored by the Caravan Club, never mind the hour or more it will take you to get from the M1 to Skipton
Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - edisdead {P}
Surprisingly, Edinburgh is further west than Bristol! Check an atlas if you don't believe me. So you've got a long way west to come even before you get to Scotland. Each to his own though.
Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - neil
Oy oy oy! A1 north of Newcastle = speed cameras. A1 north of the border = tax the English speed cameras + + + , in a fetching 2-tone red and yellow shade (primitive tartan??!) and make progress... steady! (as indeed do the single-carraigeway stretches south of the border. M6/A74 every time!
Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - Mondaywoe
Looking at this problem from the other end, as I am forced to do.......The quickest way to England is down the M6.

Sorry, haven't got a clue what the quickest way to Scotland is......

:-) :-) :-)

Enjoy Loch Ness! Hope this fine weather continues for you.

Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - mal
I live in Northumberland a few hundred yards from the A1 which has got to be one of the most neglected stretches of road as far as investment goes.
The volume of traffic at times is more than enough to feed a major dual carriageway!.
Lots of cameras and lots of well hidden places for trafic police to hide in wait for the unsuspecting motorists.
Giving the choice, keep away from it.
Regards Mal.
Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - Rob the Bus {P}
I'd go with the M1/A50/M6/M74/M8/A9 route. The scenery is magnificent, and once you get past Thelwall, you *should* be free of major traffic jams.

Good luck with the journey - if you're a fan of proper beer, may I recommend a diversion to Munlochy (just north of Inverness) to the Black Isle Brewery. It's well signposted off the A9.

Have a good trip - I'm insanely jealous!


Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - arnold2
Thanks everyone.... think I will try A14/M1/M6 etc - I can always go BACK a diferent way !

must see if there's a Whisky factory near where I'm staying ....

Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - Cliff Pope
As Sir Harry Lauder used to sing, there's the High Road and the Low Road. I think the High Road was quicker.
Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - DougB
Cliff - In Sir Harry's song the 'taking the High Road' refers to death, so I would not recommend it to anyone!

Regards DougB.
Quickest road to Scotland - M6 or A1 - james S
Can I suggest A1 to Newcastle, then A69-A68 (A68 is a lot faster and less busy than the A1). It is a bit of a dangerous road but is good fun. Go round Edibburgh ring road up M9 past stirling to join A84 until Crainlarich then join A82 all the way to Loch ness. The A82 south of Crainlarich past Loch Lomond to Glasgow is an awful road. Very twisty, narrow and slow and can be quite busy as it's near glasgow.

If you go M6 variations it's still best to go via the way I describe via sterling once you get near glasgow and avoid paying for the Erskine bridge if that sort of thing bothers you.

James S

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