Ford Fiesta 1998 Zetec 16V Misfire - wickedbuffy
My car has started to occassionally stutter/misfire. It is definietely getting worse and is now stalling. It always restarts and gets going again no problem. The problem seems to be worse when the fuel level is say 30% or less in the tank but this could be a red herring. I suspect the EEC engine management system - is there any way I can perform basic diagnostics without going to the dealer? I thought that, as it seems to be related to the fuel tank level, that it might be fuel pump related or maybe even air getting into the system. I know this car does suffer from sticking valves if the wrong oil is used, but I have been careful to use the correct oil.
Any ideas?
Ford Fiesta 1998 Zetec 16V Misfire - Kingpin
I had a similar problem - is it at low speeds, when pulling away from traffic lights, or turning a corner at low speed? A dead spot when you re-apply the accelerator or try to pull up a hill in a low gear?
Almost certainly an ignition problem. Main Ford dealer diagnosed a faulty HT lead on mine. They run on such a lean mixture that any ignition fault shows up quickly as a misfire. The plugs, leads and coils have to be spot on to run well.
I would get it looked at quickly as you may ruin the cat?
Ford Fiesta 1998 Zetec 16V Misfire - Grease_monkey
I have got the same model as the above with the 1.25 engine. I have also noticed lately but is only noticeable when cold that it also hesitates when pulling off. I think on my car it might be the engine management restricting the amount of fuel going into a cold engine as not to "flood" it.
If anyone thinks otherwise please write an reply to these messages.
Ford Fiesta 1998 Zetec 16V Misfire - wickedbuffy
Thanks for the reply. Since then I have noticed that the car is nt developing the same power as before. It is definitely hesitant. I have experienced something like this with a 206 diesel and this was diagnosed as an air flow sensor problem. I'll get the HT system checked as well as the air supply

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