Watchdog & Peugeot - joshua
Anyone see the Watchdog progamme tonight which highlighted the problems with certain Peugeots catching fire, anyone had this happen and is it that common?
Watchdog & Peugeot - Big_CDA
Didn't see it, but have heard the rumours for a while.

According to the grape vine there are also significant problems with 307s, caused by faulty ignition barrels causing the starter to remain on, a very dodgy batch of batteries, and also wiring similar to the problem with the 406.

Odd about the "recall" though - I thought the only 406 recalls recently for the 406 were the Boot (in may) and the Airbags (August).

Anyone got an inside line on this - I drive one of the 2002 Deisels and am therefore v interested.....
Watchdog & Peugeot - Chas{P}
All the information is in part of the Vehicle Inspectorate website. Worth checking other makes as well for any recalls you may have missed:


Watchdog & Peugeot - Big_CDA
Doesn't really give that much detail though - would be reassuring to know more.

Also, where then is the infamous boot lock recall? (around May if I remember)
Watchdog & Peugeot - Pugugly {P}
Blinking well missed it - got called to custody on the way home...especially after my premature post last night.

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