Nissan Almera. Good or bad? - John Shelton
Hi Im thinking of buying a new Nissan Almera 1.5 Pulse or 1.5 Flare special edition. I was just wondering if anyone has actually driven one or owned one and what they think to them. is doing new Pulses for £7025 otr, they are well equiped and I understand they are reliable. My journey profile is for an annual mileage of about 7k miles and a 6 mile round trip commute of 10 minutes each way every day plus a 20 mile shopping trip at weekends. Im more interested in absolute reliability , low insurance costs and low overall running costs than badge prestige, since my wage is low. I dont really need lots of space either. Ive had flashier Italian cars in the past and have spent inordinate sums on maintenance, repairs and high running costs, and in the end I can see the folly of poorly developed cheaply made but superficially attractive albeit well styled cars.
Nissan Almera - Good car? - DavidHM
Not a great car, but far better than anything else the same size for the same money. At £10k I wouldn't dream of it, but at this money for a brand new car and you're not bothered about image or performance, it makes a lot more sense than a Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio or some kind of Proton.

They are well made and reasonably modern, and while it won't be worth a fortune second hand, it'll still depreciate less than something mainstream but more expensive. I'd say it's probably worth keeping for a longer time than most people do with new cars, say 5-6 years rather than the usual 3-4.

See if is doing anything cheaper as well.
Nissan Almera. Good or bad? - Bromptonaut
Hired one in Ireland a couple of years ago.

Long way short of the ultimate driving machine. If it was a sandwich it would be processed cheddar on white sliced. Competent enough, all controls to light and easy to hand, quiet and very easy to drive, but completely bereft of chracter or flavour.
Nissan Almera. Good or bad? - Martin Wall
Seems good value - although may be worth a look at the smaller but more modern Toyota Yaris also....


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