Nissan Terrano - doctorchris
I regularly read the technical section and I can tell you i'm totally fed up that my terrano 2.7TD has covered 45,000 miles in 4 years and has failed to develop a single annoying fault. This means that all I can do to it is wash it , polish it and service it. I've a good mind to invent some kind of problem to put on this website.
Now, to top it all my wife has gone and bought a new Honda Jazz, can't even service that for 3 years!
Nissan Terrano - Aprilia
Ditto my wife's 1998 2.0 Primera. Since buying it we have had one fault (weak rear seatbelt retractor replace under warranty). Its been used every day for the last five years; its stood outside in all weathers - all we've done is wash about every three months and changed the plugs, fluids and filters as per service schedule.
I guess if we get a cold snap this winter the battery might pack up - and give me something to do!
I did once spend an hour trying to locate an annoying rattle - but it turned out to be a set of keys left in the glovebox.
Nissan Terrano - Vagelis
I think manufacturing-quality-wise, Japanese cars are right at the top.

I remember the local garage man had noted how much easier Japanese cars are to repair, after minor crashes/bumps. He was telling me how well thought out the various engine parts are located, body parts joined to each other, etc. In contrast, many European cars appear like a mess from this point of view.

He was referring to my pug 106 I had taken to repair a small bump! %-(

Nissan Terrano - T Lucas
I think the far east brands are designed to be easier to build,so quicker to build,less man hours and so are easier for maintanence and repair because they come apart with ease and not too many special tools.
The same cannot be said for most European brands,with hidden fixings,special tools etc.Makes a difference.
Nissan Terrano - Dan J
I think manufacturing-quality-wise, Japanese cars are right at the top.

Don't take that as read. Toyota towers over other manufacturers in this department with the exception of Mazda who come close. Rest fall into a close arrangement with the Europeans, VW excepted who are having a few issues at the mo.
Nissan Terrano - Aprilia
This could turn into another of those 'how reliable are reliability surveys'.

Let's put it this way, I've owned all sorts of brands in the past (and worked on most in my youth) - this includes VW, BMW, Mercedes, Citroen, Peugeot, Vauxhall. I used to run an MB for myself and an Audi for my wife. Then in 1998 I bought a 2.0 Primera for my wife - we bought it for the simple reason that the US version (the Infiniti G20, built at Sunderland) had come top in their JD Power survey. It was our first Japanese car and I was very very impressed.
I subsequently bought a BMW 7-series as a second car for myself and after a load of (v. expensive) trouble I dumped it and bought a Nissan QX. I'm highly impressed with it and feel it is not done justice in reviews.
I think I'll be buying only Japanese cars from now on - despite their lack of 'image'.
Nissan Terrano - DavidHM
Maybe slightly O/T, but the partner of one of the secretaries at work is rebuilding the Terrano van that he rolled (!) while drunk about a year ago. It formerly belonged to his employer and he bought it for scrap value. Apparently he will be able to panel beat the roof and make a profit of about £4k on the deal.

The only flaw in the plan (that he can see) is that there aren't any Terranos in scrap yards for him to get the parts.
Nissan Terrano - Aprilia
Blimey, I wouldn't fancy panel beating a roof. You'd have to be good to get that right!
Some years ago I got involved in repairing a Volvo estate that had been trodden on by a big horse (top of the A-post) - that was a right job-and-a-half. The A-post had been pushed down and the floorpan was bent - there is usually a lot more to these jobs than meets the eye.
Also, when a car rolls with the engine running the oil runs into the 'wrong places' and you can have unanticipated mechanical problems.
Nissan Terrano - No Do$h
Apparently he will be able to panel beat the roof and make
a profit of about £4k on the deal.

Which should just about pay his first year's insurance on a 1.0 micra if he was breathalysed!

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