Escort Creaking Suspension - escort man

I have a 1992 (J) 1.4 Escort, for a while now the passenger side front suspension has been making creaking noises when going over bumps etc. It creaks when i bump it up and down by hand.

I wasnt too bothered at first but its getting worse when going over speed bump it now makes a whoosh sound like its breathing in when on the bump(when the suspension is pushed up) and \"breathes\" out when back on normal road. I think this sound quite cool but im sure its not supposed to be doing it!!

Also yesterday when doing a 3 point turn on full left lock when accelerating forward there was a horrible grinding sound. This doesnt happen all the time, or when going round a left bend; seems to be only when on full lock, accelerating fairly hard going left(no sound when going right).

MOT is coming up and im gonna put it in for a full service, but any comments on why its making noises how much £ to fix.

Escort Creaking Suspension - king arthur
You need a new front wishbone, as the bottom balljoint has gone and it's an integral part of the wishbone. Common problem, it's always either that or the rubber bushes that go, leaving your Escort darting about all over the road. They're about £50 inc. vat from Ford, but I know a place in E. London that does them brand new for £25. If you're handy with a spanner you could fit it yourself, otherwise expect to get charged anywhere between £50 and £100 to have it fitted.
Escort Creaking Suspension - Richteo
You can get them here: for about £17 a side including the new bolts you will need. I paid a local garage £30 to replace them both as I don't have a torque wrench or decent axle stands, but it looks like an easy job. I would get the tracking checked afterwards.

I have the same car and my shocks "whoosh" a bit but they feel fine. I think that this is normal.

Escort Creaking Suspension - escort man
just thought id let you know i had the work done.
The diagnosis was spot on, new front wishbones needed, they replace both sides as the Drivers side was on the way out too.
Was about £90 each fitted.


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