Refurbing body kit - Harmattan
For a bit of fun I have just bought a hot hatch banger which has its problems but looks OK externally except for the faded red factory plastic bodykit. This has gone the way of many 80s plastic bumpers and is fading into white. A previous owner has done one small part probably with a normal aerosol paint and it looks too bright and tacky. Wisely the rest has been left to fade. What is the best option for brushing some colour back in there without looking naff? The plastic finish is finely stippled/grained and the colour should IMHO be better as a matt finish. Should I be looking at modelmaker's paints in the local craft shop or finding a marina with yacht varnish (too glossy?) or is there a special bumper etc restorative?
Refurbing body kit - Blue {P}
Not sure how far gone it is, but I know that the Simoniz Back to black reckons it can be used on coloured spoilers etc. to revive tired red paint work. Maybe worth a look, it sounds like you are having the same problem that my dad's last Micra had with the red spoiler.

Refurbing body kit - Victorbox
I use Autoglym's Bumper Care every few months (thick gel that needs a good buff up) and I top it up with their Vinyl & Rubber care liquid if I get time after the car is washed. This is on a 1989 Cavalier with black & light grey bumpers plastic bumpers & they come up like new. Assume they will work on red plastic.
There used to be a spray "paint" called Vinylcote I think that was colour matched to plastic trim & it actually re-coloured plastic/vinyl/leather (not just a surface layer) but I haven't seen it for a some time.
Refurbing body kit - hugh
Was this the Visa Gti on e-bay last week?
If so I hope you have fun with it -I had two of these cars some years ago and thoroughly enjoyed driving them. I did bid on this one (for old times sake) - was slightly relieved to be out-bid as don't really need any more cars.....
Refurbing body kit - Harmattan
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