coolant change? Mk2 Golf - Sarb11
Just flushed the coolant on my mk2 golf 1.3 (1990). It says in the manual the capacity is 6.3 litres however just topped it up and it takes about half that. Have i done it correctly or is the manual wrong?

Ps if i have done it right it means i\'ve bought more antifreeze than i need!
coolant change? - DL
How did you drain the coolant? Therein lies the answer I think...

Releasing the radiator bottom hose isn't often enough - the thermostat positioning on the VW engine will prevent a full drain.
coolant change? - Cliff Pope
How much came out when you drained it? You did of course drain it into a container for safe disposal, not just let it out down the drive.
coolant change? - CMark {P}
Disposing of used coolant? there is a bit of a debate about this here (read the whole thread)
My view is that it is safe to pour down the toilet but NOT down street drains.
coolant change? - Sarb11
Yes I did just disconnect the bottom hose and now you mention it I don't think 6.3 litres came out. Haynes says to just disconnect the bottom hose. I did dispose of it safely though.
How do I completely drain it then?
coolant change? - CMark {P}
Sarb11, have a good look in the Haynes for mention of a cylinder block drain tap which is fitted on many cars (don't specifically know about yours though.) Someone who does will be along shortly.
coolant change? - Robert Fleming
There's no drain tap on a mk2 Golf.

Remove the thermostat housing to drain the block. Make sure the heater is set to hot, too.

coolant change? - Sarb11
Any tips on how to do this? Had a look in the haynes manual it does not mention this. Is it a simple job or complicated?
coolant change? - Robert Fleming
Go to the local VW dealer and buy a new o-ring for the thermostat housing first - about £1.25 plus VAT.

Use a 10mm 1/4 drive socket with a short extension to unscrew the two housing bolts. Out will spurt a whole load of water/coolant as the engine block drains. The thermostat will probably drop out too.


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