Q . Vauxhall trailer electrics - Michmh
I have just purchased a Vauxhall/Opel Zafira add-on trailer wiring loom that connects to the rear light cluster looms, battery, and 12N socket.
As part of the install there is a \'Flashguard\' relay that plugs into trailer loom at the rear of the car . When testing the indicators, with the trailer plugged in, everything seems OK but I expected to hear a buzzer but there is no audio warning . Is this OK/Legal?
If I pull out a trailer indicater bulb(to simulate failure) all that happens is that the flashing rate doubles on the remaining car indicators. Is this right? Everything is OK with the trailer disconnected.

Supplemental question - I have \'Check control\' (Bulb test) on the Zafira and as part of the rear trailer loom, there is also a check control relay that connects to the loom and a buzzer?
I guess this allows the normal lamp checks to be made, without the trailer affecting the test, but what does the buzzer do?

The Opel installation instructions are pictorial and don\'t explain a thing.

Sorry about the length of this post but I\'m baffled.

Any suggestions gratefully received .

Q . Vauxhall trailer electrics - DL
Can't help you personally but I bet there are some better instructions available at the Dealership from whom you bought the kit......typically the kit instructions are rather sparse.

I'd go back and ask the parts counter for some assistance, they're usually fairly helpful in my experience.
Q . Vauxhall trailer electrics - Michmh
Thanks for the reply - I'll pop up to the dealer and ask
Q . Vauxhall trailer electrics - DL
Do let us know how you get on, OK?

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