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I have a 99 Focus Ghia with the chrome trim on the boot. At the end of the trim piece I have noticed some corrosion, on speaking to the body shop at our local Ford dealer he said it was a common fault due to the backing foam collapsing with age and allowing movement. He also said Ford will pay for repairs of cars under 2 years of age but not older, are they not renaging on the body warranty as this seems to be a design fault which they admit to by agreeing to pay for cars 2 years and under. Has any one else had dealings with this?
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Complain to Ford UK, they bank on only a small percentage doing this, it takes different amounts to keep different people quiet, "the squeeakiest wheels get the most grease."

Body warranties usually only cover perforations and require an anual bodywork inspection which you have to pay for.
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A good friend of mine has just had the rear N/S wheelarch on his '98 'R' Escort sorted under the anti perforation warranty as it had started to rust through for no apparent reason.
The dealer was very helpful, taking photos etc. The decision to accept responsibility is ultimately taken by Ford so it seems your dealer may be fobbing you off.
Good luck.

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Has been previously mentioned about this trim causing problems:-


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