New Jags any good? - Daedalus
Hi folks,

Ive been looking at Personal Leasing for the next car and the new Jags seem to be very reasonably priced in comparison to the Audis I would really like. Im put off by the fact they are from the Ford parts bin (you all know of my Mondewoe problems). So how good are they? 2.5 or 3.0 X Type and 2.5 or 3.0 S Type.

New Jags any good? - matt35 {P}
Had my 2.5 auto for two years next month - love it.
Have a look at Jagtalk and X Type Message board - mainly US based but good info.
Jag approved was voted best used car deal in the US this week.
Town work I get around 24/25 - open roads 32/33 using the gearbox almost as a manual.
Not as much from the Ford bin as you might think - and some of it tweaked by Jag...there is a diesel which looks great but is fwd only...the 4wd is magic.
New Jags any good? - Aprilia
I know from someone who sells these cars for a living that Jags are not doing too well. They are very difficult to shift s/hand and he tells me that there have been a variety of electical and auto transmission problems with the cars.
New Jags any good? - Marcos{P}
I have it on good authority from someone who posts here that they have virtually stopped production of the X-Type due to airfields full of them cos they can't shift them.
If you want to but one I'm sure you would be able to get a pretty good discount at the moment.
New Jags any good? - LongDriver {P}
I'd go for the Mondeo TDCi which the Jaguar is based on, apart from the body and some duff alternative gearboxes etc
New Jags any good? - LongDriver {P}
Ooops thought we were talking about diesels!

Buy a Mondeo snob value I know, but neither has an X-Type!
New Jags any good? - Daedalus
LongDriver {P}

I have a Mondewoe and I most definatly do not want another bag of horse droppings. One in one life time is more than enough! Do a search for Mondewoe and you will see some of the problems Ive had. The latest was for a gearbox and clutch (£700) 2 days before we went on holiday. It has always managed to produce a big bill just before our holidays. The new engine was going on holiday.

New Jags any good? - Vin {P}
And as a balance, I've owned two Mondeos, a 1.8 petrol and a 1.8 diesel, both first shape, both of which were diamonds. The steering pump went on one of them, £110, and the window motor on the other £120, and that was the sum of their problems. My brother bought one on my recommendation and his has been perfect.

New Jags any good? - Simon R
My X Type 2.5 Sport has had a few problems, but Jaguar have been very quick to make amends and the after sales is in a different league to Ford. I would say after talking to colleagues, build quality is as good as current BMW and Mercedes.

The 4wd system is fantastic and it really is an entertaining drive.

Interested that you're thinking about Audi. They use the VW parts bin, and enough has been said about that recently!
New Jags any good? - Halmer
My mate had one of the £20k ones on trial for a month along with an Audi A4 and Rover 75.

He made his mind up in no time that the Jag wouldn't stand up to his kids and 40,000 business miles per annum that he did. The first time he pressed the drinks holder it shot out and nearly blinded his lad in the back seat. The chrome trim that runs around the car windows came off in his hand the first time he washed it along with a bit on the front as well. It looked fantastic in his drive, but he wanted to drive it as well.

He opted for the Audi in the end because much as he liked the Rover, his opinion on its future robustness was similar to that of the Jag. Shame eh?
New Jags any good? - matt35 {P}
If you have not bought your car yet and are still interested in the X Type - in the US, all technical service bulletins and recalls are listed by Alldata.
Go to Google, type alldata, hit tsbs, hit individual car owner,maker,year,model for a list of the problems experienced.
Do a comparison with some of the competitors (many UK cars are not sold in US) such as BMW.
Go out and buy an X?

Value my car