High Mileages and Car life - JohnX
Does anyone have any idea about how long a car with a full service history with 110000 miles on the clock would be reasonably expected to last before everything starts dying out!
I have heard of Primeras with well over 350000 miles on the clock with no problems,that ones a local taxicab!
The car Im looking at is a Bora 1999 with 110000 miles on the clock with a fsh.
Does anyone have a idea of how long they can reasonably be expected to last without any major problems.

High Mileages and Car life - Armitage Shanks{P}
Not to appear unhelpful but how long is a piece of string? It could run for years or die next month; if the price asked reflects that risk then it might be a good deal!
High Mileages and Car life - Aprilia
On the subject of Primera's, I once had a ride in a Primera taxi with almost 500k on the clock!! Driver said it had never needed any major work.

As to the Bora, well a lot depends upon how it has been driven over the past 100k. A carefully driven and properly serviced modern car may well last 200k without major problems. Expect some ancilliaries to need replacing (e.g. alternator, waterpump etc. etc.). You really need to carefully assess the condition of the car and make a judgment as to how its been treated in the past.

My Mercedes C-class currently has 120k on it (including many short journeys) and drives as good as new - but then it has always been properly looked after and never abused.
High Mileages and Car life - flatfour
I regularily get 180 000 to 200 000 out of my cars in the first 3-4 years, then sell them on, they all keep going with out a massive fault, i'm not talking mercs either, Fords or VW, the weak link in fords is the auto gearboxes, usually finished 80k, then again VW manuals are about the same, usually cost £250 for a good scrapper, £8-900 for recon, some just don't go.

If you want a newish plate, a smart looking car at a rockbottom price and are prepared to spend a few hundred on possible repair bills great, if you would rather spend it on a lower mileage model than thats your choice, anything upto 150 000 is normal mileage now. Make sure of a full main dealer service history after 150 000 you'll still have a car that drives like new.
High Mileages and Car life - Hugo {P}
Provided it's been well serviced and seems tohave been used on long runs and is cheap, no problem.

Can you find out if the clutch has been changed, and if so, when.

If it was changed at say 50K then you're looking a a car that's been driven around town and probably done short journeys. If it has not been changed, then I would advocate it has done long journeys on the whole.

But that's just my opinion.

High Mileages and Car life - Roger Jones
"Make sure of a full main dealer service history" -- full service history, yes, but full main-dealer service history doesn't convince me any more. I've had new cars and used cars serviced by a variety of main dealers -- Ford, Audi/VW, MB -- and have plenty of stories to tell about incompetence, negligence and lack of intelligence. I switched to independent specialists a while ago; in my experience, they are more thorough, more communicative and more competent. The main dealer's priority is to sell cars; the independent specialist's survival depends on reliable servicing and repair.
High Mileages and Car life - M.M
I wonder what service intervals this car has had?

Ten years ago I would have said most well maintained 100K cars would hopefully go another 100K.

Now I'm starting to see cars on 10K or 20K schedules with 80K recorded..... engines are like they had covered double the mileage.

Only the next few years will give us a true picture of the extended intervals damage.

High Mileages and Car life - JohnX
Had a look at the service book.Servicing done at 10000 intervals and seems faultless.
Doesnt mention anything about the cam belt change though.Is that supposed to be changed at 100000 miles?
Engine seems ok to me , but then im no trained hand, although much more on the noisier side than i would have expected.Probably because its a 2 litre, Dunno!
A little rattly maybe, although the car drives fine.

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