VW Golf steering - teebee2
Can anybody suggest how to improve the steering on a Mk IV Golf Diesel Estate? Mine wanders around on motorways, and the tyres (old-ish Continental eco-contacts on standard steel rims) squeal horrendously when cornering at even very moderate speeds. I've checked the pressures, and even tried running them a couple of pounds harder than recomended, but to no avail. Tracking seems to be OK, as tyres are wearing very evenly across the tread pattern, with no feathered edges, or high/low spots.
VW Golf steering - biggdigit
teebee2 how many miles has the car done,if its above 50k it may be steering bushs or play in steering colum linkage as was the case with mine,have both checked at dealers.hope that helps
VW Golf steering - teebee2
Thanks for that - Its done 45k - mostly motorway, but don't know about the first 20.
VW Golf steering - daryld
My wife's 1.6 SE Mk IV has pulled to the left from new...there is another thread in this site about it. Short story is that all Golf Mk IV are sensitive to camber: spent a samll fortune having 4-wheel laser alignments, etc, etc. No good. Drive it on a newly asphalted flat car park = perfect straight line, even when accelerating/barking hard. Back on open road = pulls to left very noticeably.

The Continental EcoContacts also squeal when going round roundabouts at a moderate 20 mph. Awful.

We are not buying another Golf. All we get is dealer excuses and waffle.

P.S. Front tyres lasted 29,000 miles. Rear 34,000 miles. Which is odd since car is driven gently and mostly on A roads. My Seat Arosa Diesel has still got the original front tyres after 50,000 miles and they are not even worn (no exaggerating).


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