Westminster Council - Dogbreath
Westminster Council have gone mad with their parking charges - some meters are £4 for 3 minutes. 6 hours in a car park is £30. Its nuts. No wonder no one is coming into central London. Soon the centre of London will be completely dead.
Westminster Council - DieselBoy
You should move to sunny Southport. Local car park charges the grand old sum of 40p for a hour, 70p for two!

Who said it's grim up north...?

I may drink, but I'm not a drunk.
Westminster Council - JamesH
Central London is already too crowded - the fewer people going there the better!

I remember a couple of months ago Ken Livingstone also thought Westminster parking charges were too high. He thought they should be reduced to offset falling trade caused by the congestion charge. Hmmm.

The weird thing is that people must pay this much to park. But if I had a car park and could fill it for £30 a day, I would have no incentive to cut the charges.

Westminster Council - HF
It's not just Westminster doing it.

Here in lovely suburban Orpington, I have found recently that our cheaper carparks have outrageously increased their fees per hour from 20 to 40p.

100% rise - must get on to my MP. :)
Westminster Council - Vin {P}
I've struggled and tried to remember, but I can remember where it was (it was back up North) where a couple of years ago I stopped in a Pay and Display that was 5p for up to 4 hours. Not worth collecting, IMHO.

Westminster Council - Vin {P}
"can't remember", I meant, of course.

Westminster Council - volvoman
Tend to agree with James. You don't see too many empty car parks in London! I guess, though, that many of those who pay up are doing so on behalf of their employers who simply pass the costs on to ... US ... their customers.

Up until a few weeks ago when my youngest was in Guy's Hospital I hadn't driven in Central London, let alone tried to park there, in YEARS! It was a nightmare trying to park and even the hospital car park was £2.60 per hour. The other problem was finding somewhere to park where you wouldn't be clamped if you overran by 30 secs! With a lad in intensive care I couldn't guarantee how long I'd be so in the end I left Mrs V. with him, drove back home and got the train back in. You'd have thought there'd be special arrangements for people in such circumstances but sadly no. I'd really hate to face the prospect of a lengthy stay in any hospital in C. London.
Westminster Council - corblimeyguvnar
Sounds familiar, when I was in I.C. in Kings Hospital er indoors found it cheaper to stay in London for 2 weeks than paying for travel to and from down South especially as parking charges were crazy and the parking wardens little Hitlers.

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