Peugeot 807 - Marcos{P}
A freind of mine with 6 children has decided to get a new people carrier. He seems obsessed by the Peugeot 807 and as I have no experience with people carriers I thought I would ask you lot for your opinions.
BTW he has seen a model for £23,500 which he seems intent on getting but it seems a lot of money.
Any help will be appreciated as always.

Peugeot 807 - Andrew-T
Aren't the clones (Cit/Fiat) cheaper? Or used?
Peugeot 807 - Phil G
The Alhambra or Galaxy (great deals from brokers) with the TDI PD 130 engine is still the best people carrier you can buy imo.
Peugeot 807 - pmh
6 chidren + wife (if she hasnt left yet) + driver = 8

Even an 807 is not big enough to carry them all! He better look round for an old Routemaster or possibly an APC. But seriously how do families that size get around in comfort or safety?

pmh (was peter)
Peugeot 807 - volvoman
Who said his friend was going out with them all? ;-)

6 kids and a wife ! I'd say a 7 seater was the perfect excuse for a nice quite day in the garage!
Peugeot 807 - Clanger

I think the 807, like the 806 before it, is available with a 3-seat bench rear seat making it a full 8-seater. This option is not available on the C8. Don't know about the Fiat.

Stranger in a strange land
Peugeot 807 - Phil G
OMG. One word: condom.

Anyway, he can shift his fleet of offspring around in a nicely kitted out VW Caravelle. You can get them with a VR6 and leather as he is obviously not short of a bob or two. It is a van with windows though, but with so many kids to deal with he isn't going to be fretting about the handling dynamics.
Peugeot 807 - Marcos{P}
Unfortunately he is very short of a bob or two and is getting the whole thing on finance. I have tried talking him out of it but he went and put a small deposit down today.
I dont think he's worked out that he will actually have to make repayments and its not something the goverment will subsidise.
Peugeot 807 - Phil G
Oh well, there's no helping some people. Sure doesn't sound like a good way to spend £24ks worth of debt to me!
Peugeot 807 - BobbyG
Too late now but I have seen some pre reg Citroen C8s for around the 16K mark, and that includes the famous electric sliding doors!
Peugeot 807 - volvoman
Unfortunately Marcos, your mate sounds like one of those people who's going to wind up being a victim of the plethora of companies who offer to solve all your debt problems by ..... yes, you guessed it ......, offering you another, even larger debt !!!!!!

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