Oil Change - martin
Need to change the oil in my VW PAssat TDI. Can i jack up the car, undo the sump, lower the car and let it drain. Jack-up again, re-fit the sump, lower and then re-fill.

My way around not having axel stands or ramp! Practical?

Also, what about Shell Optimax vs Gastrol. What do B-roomers put in their TDI's??


Oil Change - Wilco {P}

I'm sure what you say will work - but do invest in a set of axle stands. I've seen the injuries on someone who had a car fall off a jack onto them.

I'm sure Halfords or similar will sell a decent pair for around a tenner - surely a small price to pay!
Oil Change - Billy Whizz
Hi Martin, a quick read of one of your recent posts tells us you have a 95 Passat. Honestly, I think that you would get a great deal out of buying a Haynes manual for your car. This would answer many of your very basic questions.

But you live in the south of France so you cannot just pop down to your local Halfords and pick one up. I respectfully suggest you click on the Haynes ad that HJ has so kindly provided on the right. Or try Amazon.co.uk or ask a relative to send one out.

In the manual you will read all the dire warnings about working under a car that is just supported on it's jack. You will also find out if it has an engine undertray which has to be removed to get access to the sump PLUG. Do not remove the sump simply to change the oil. Fitting a sump on your own to a car up just on it's jack is a dangerous and difficult job. Do not do it.

What does it say about working under the car in your Passat driver's handbook?
Oil Change - martin
i was thinking along the lines of bricks under the axels, not just jack alone (i was'nt that clear). Sure, jack alone is a risky job, one ton of car on my chest, no thanks.

At the end of the day, wonder just how much can be saved, decent oil is 25euros, filter 11euros, spanner for job 10euros = 46 total. I can get job done for 60 at local garage, but i like doing things meself.

I can't tell if the sump has a cover or not, this could be a hassel.
Oil Change - THe Growler
Not bricks, bits of old wood, breeze blocks or a couple of rocks you found down the road. AXLE STANDS AXLE STANDS AXLE STANDS.

I have been witness to one horrible accident caused by lack of above.

So you'll save 14 of those funny money Euros. As the old Bell Motorcycle Helmets ads used to say $5 helmet - $5 brain. Use the money to put towards the axle stands.
Oil Change - Billy Whizz
Yes, I also like doing things myself but I do not enjoy scrabbling around in the dirt under a car balanced on a few crumbling bricks whilst juggling trays of dirty oil just to save a tenner!
Are you going to torque up the sump plug? Don't forget to change the copper plug washer. What are you going to do with all that dirty oil?

If you want to start DIYing your Passat please get the proper tools and equipment plus a book to tell you how to do it. Otherwise it will all go horribly wrong at some point. And I should know.

Or take the easy way out and go down to your friendly local garagiste and ask him to let you watch.
Oil Change - blank

Personally I prefer to use ramps to axle stands. Resonably easy to drive the front wheels up and chock the rears. I never know where to place the axle stands, never convinced the ground is solid and level enough... maybe just me!

Both my cars have the sump drain plug at the back of the sump, so all the oil drains out when the car is on a slight upward slope as it is on the ramps.

Ramps cost about me £15, I am sure they are sold in France. I would use Carrefour semi-synythetic turbodiesel oil (use it in my Polo) and a filter and sump plug washer from VW. VW turbodiesel oil is reasonably priced too in the UK.

Never get under the car on a jack, bricks etc.


Oil Change - eMBe {P}
- never compromise on safety. If possible, double up with a fail-safe method.
- you may find it easier and cheaper to take your car to Kwik-fit or National Tyres for their bargain oil&filter service using quality oils.
Oil Change - eMBe {P}
Scrub the reference to national-tyres.
kwik-fit do have a French network, at equivalent bargain oil prices.
Oil Change - eMBe {P}
Thought so - kwikfit are known as "Speedy" in France.

Go here for their oil service menu -

Oil Change - martin
thanks for all the advice, yes i do not have the right tools for this job and given that it's a question of £10, i'll go down the road. Bits of wood aside, i have seen many road side repairs taking place in the UK on some back road on a sunday afternoon with bricks, i did'nt think it was that dodgy!!!

Axel stands always make me nervous, they seem to small and fragile to hold what they do, or the ground seems uneven. But i guess many problems with DIY are lack of good facilities, i.e. garage space with a solid floor.

It's just that oil change should be a job that any amateur can do. I have afterall overhauled the rear and front breaks on my Passat with success, although i did'nt get under the car to do so.
Oil Change - Andrew-T
martin - cars are getting to the point where oil/filter change is the ONLY job an amateur can do. And yes, definitely ramps or stands - ramps for preference.
Oil Change - MichaelR
Does anyone know of any bargain oil change deals which DONT exclude diesels?

They all seem to exclude diesels, I've no idea why, in my experience buying engine oil suitable for my diesel is no more expensive than it was for a petrol car.
Oil Change - Soupytwist
No I don't, all the ones I've seen exclude diesels. Perhaps it's the extra cost in having to buy a specific sort of oil for diesels.

Perhaps they don't want the aggravation of someone turning up in a VAG PD engined vehicle and wondering if they've got the right oil.
Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.
Oil Change - J Bonington Jagworth
Not sure why you need to jack the car up in the first place. There is room under most cars to get one of those plastic 'cans' that has a collection tray and bung on one side under the sump with room to spare (and failing that, a roasting dish!). The undertray is the bigger nuisance, usually...
Oil Change - Andrew-T
JBJ - not so good if you want to change filter as well (depending on where your filter is).
Oil Change - PhilW
Original post says "undo the sump" and "re-fit the sump" - presume you mean sump PLUG!!!!!!!!!
Loads of places in France seem to advertise "Vidange" very cheaply - sure you can find one. Those Norauto or Leclerc Auto centres attached to the supermarkets seem very efficient and quick and cheap - we used both this summer for replacement of tyres and rear exhaust box (don't ask!)They were extremely helpful even on a Saturday afternoon/evening
Oil Change - Mondaywoe
I tend to use ramps AS axle stands. I jack the car up with a trolley jack then slide a couple of ramps in from the sides with a solid chunk of wood on top of each to prevent damage to the car - taking care of course to ensure that the wood contacts a suitably solid area of the underbody and doesn't nip the sills.

If you own a 'proper' Citroen you go to extraordinary lengths to make sure the car is solidly supported, because all sorts of things happen to the suspension when you switch off the engine! They are probably the most dangerous of cars to try DIY work underneath.

They also trap the trolley jack and you can't get it out without starting the engine! I once had to intervene when a young tyre fitter was working on my Xantia. He'd jacked it up, changed the tyre and was blissfully about to let the jack fully down. If he had, he would have punched a neat hole in the sill!

Oil Change - No Do$h
Does anyone know if kwik fit use diesel specific oils for TDs? I assume Mobil Semi Synth comes in both petrol and diesel specific forms.

No idea what the difference is (eMBe? Can you help on this one?) or what the impact of using 10/40w petrol versus 10/40w diesel oil would be, but assume the latter is more suited to carrying soot particulates in suspension until the filter does its job.
Oil Change - THe Growler
Many engine oils now satisfy API standards for both petrol and diesel engines. Check the packaging.
Oil Change - eMBe {P}
Michael Rodgers:
I cannot see any restriction by Kwik-fit on diesels. Note also that their £34 oil & filter Mobil1 offer is not limited to a maximum capacity!! It has to be the best oil & filter bargain around, considering it costs more just to buy 6 litres that my Beemer needs!

No Dosh:
Since you ask, my personal view (not advice, as the lawyers will tell you - and feel free to ignore it or challenge it or take it or leave it) is that the diesel vs petrol formulations are in the main marketing hype. Growler is correct in his reply, but to be sure RTFM.

Note that Mobil1 supersyn is made in 6 grades;
the first five are 0-30, 0-40, 5-30, 10-30, and 15-50 , and
the sixth and latest is Mobil1 0-20 supersyn.
In the European markets, I understand Mobil1 0-40 supersyn is the norm. According to Esso/Exxon/Mobil,
"All viscosities of Mobil 1 with SuperSyn? exceed the latest API SL standards. In addition, three of the five Mobil 1 with SuperSyn? viscosities ? 0W-30, 5W-30 and 10W-30 ? also exceed ILSAC GF-3, and are certified as "Energy Conserving" motor oils.
Benefits of Mobil 1 with SuperSyn? 0W-40:
Is recommended for European vehicles (especially newer models).
Offers outstanding protection for high-tech, multi-valve engines.
Protects engines in situations where conventional motor oils may break down.
Meets the engine performance specifications of European automakers, including Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and BMW.
Exceeds API SL/CF
Exceeds ACEA A3/B3/B4-02.
Exceeds Mercedes-Benz 229.3 specification.
Mobil 1 with SuperSyn? 0W-40 is factory fill in all Porsche, Mercedes-Benz AMG and Aston Martin vehicles. In addition, Mercedes-Benz approves Mobil 1 with SuperSyn? 0W-40 for all its 1998 and newer cars.
Mobil 1 with SuperSyn? 0W-40 is designed for normally aspirated and turbocharged gasoline engines and light-duty diesel engines. Mobil 1 with SuperSyn? 0W-40 provides maximum protection, even during extended-use driving. This formulation is specifically designed for European vehicles that recommend this viscosity grade. "

As for the latest 0-20 grade, this is what they say:
Mobil 1 0W-20 is designed specifically for vehicles where 5W-20 or 0W-20 motor oil is recommended. Mobil 1 0W-20 meets the performance requirements of Ford specification WSS-M2C153-H and Honda service fill requirements for 5W-20. It exceeds the toughest industry standards, including ILSAC GF-3 and API Service SL, SJ/CF warranty requirements for gasoline and diesel engines. Mobil 1 0W-20 has been tested to be fully compatible with engine seals and is compatible with conventional motor oils.
Mobil 1 0W-20 is recommended for most 1996 and newer Honda Civics; 1998 and newer Honda Accords; 2000 and newer Honda Insights; 2002 and newer Honda CRV and Odyssey vehicles; many 1997 and newer Honda Acuras; and most 2001 and newer Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars, trucks and SUVs.

That is a long enough reply, and I have no more to add to this thread.

Oil Change - Nortones2
As for the oil, surely the critical issue is compliance with VW specifications. This depends on whether the TDI is PD, or non-PD. Former requires VW 505.01 and no lesser spec. The latter VW 505.00 (which is more commonly available). API logo presence isn't therefore particularly relevant in this case, as it is the VW standard that is the point. Most oils meet some sort of API standard, but not many 505.01!
Oil Change - eMBe {P}
1. agreed. which is why i prefaced my reply to no-dosh "RTFM".
2. oil for PD engines covered in
3. pardon my French, the "kwik-fit" Speedy site (see link above) says

"Une huile spécifique 5W40 (normes : VW 505 01/Ford WSS-M2C917-A) est proposée pour certains véhicules Diesel récents
(moteurs turbo-diesel de technologie ?injecteurs-pompes? - ex : A4-TDI, Golf TDI, Focus TDCi etc...)."

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