fuel feed problem - 1.7D Astra - astrakevin
Astra 1.7 diesel estate nonturbo. 1993 merit model.

air bubbles visible in fuel pipe from filter to
pump with engine running. fuel draws back to tank
when engine switched off and left standing.able to
start engine by sucking fuel through pipe and
reconnecting to pump if enough fuel in pipe.

any suggestions as to remmedy tired of taste of
diesel. kevin.
fuel feed problem - 1.7D Astra - Kevin

you\'ve got an air leak somewhere between the fuel pickup and the pump.

Hit the search bar above with a few relevant keywords and you should get a few pointers.

To get rid of the taste of diesel you\'ll need at least a 12Yo Macallan but I doubt that even that will neutralise the carcinogens you\'re breathing in!


fuel feed problem - 1.7D Astra - DL
What is the exact symptom?
fuel feed problem - 1.7D Astra - jg39112
the problem you have is the fuel filter is drowing in air/from the lift pump diafram that you pump diesel up with or if your model dosen't have this then it's the rubber seals in the filter housing remady is to fit new filter and all new rubber seals

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