Saxo Cat - stevek
Just had a new cat fitted to my wifes 1998 1.4 Saxo. It was fitted at a discount exhaust place as the cost was very good. Howver the new cat now "booms" especially on the overrun. I will take it back but any ideas. I can't think what could cause this. there are no leaks.
Ideas and comments appreciated.
Saxo Cat - RichardW
Afraid this often happens with cheap after-market systems. They are not made of as substantial material as the OEM ones, and not necessarily 'tuned' to remove the resonance - as a result they tend to 'boom'. It will probably lessen as you get some miles and soot on it. Worth a check back if it's particularly noisy to make sure it's not touching the car somewhere, or there isn't a bit of a leak.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Saxo Cat - stevek
Thank you. Its true that it seems to have got quieter over the past two days (or my ears have become accustomed to it) I will give it a week to see if it improves further.
Sometimes the cheapest is not the best.


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