Reporting careless/Dangerous driving - daveyjp
Is there a procedure for reporting dangerous driving where there has been no accident?

The incident:

Three lane road approaching a roundabout. Left lane is left turn only, middle ahead only, right lane ahead or right turn.

In rush hour middle and outer lane are queuing, left hand lane is almost empty. Vehicle uses left hand lane to enter roundabout and proceeds around the outside lane to turn right! At the same time as he entered the roundabout so did I in the right hand lane intending to go straight on. I am aware of the black Honda to my left and expect him to go straight on, but he cuts straight in front of me, just missing my front end. He forces me to take the right exit and I end up following him for about a mile and a half as there are no turns for me to take before he makes a right turn - no signal and cuts in front of another car!

During this whole episode the Honda driver had a mobile firmly stuck to his ear!!

Response from the police 'if there's no accident we can't do anything'. Surely a PNC check and a quick visit may make this motorist think twice next time.
Reporting careless/Dangerous driving - Kuang
WIth human nature being the way it is, the system would probably come in for some heavy abuse.. "Hey lads, lets call the police and stitch up whatshisface.. we'll tell them he was driving down the wrong side of the M1". I was so incensed by appalling driving on one particular journey a few months back that I considered setting up a website to allow people to report incidents of roadgoing stupidity, but then realised that it wouldn't be clever due to the above (and, of course, due to the legal implications..)

Incidents happen like this every day - I'm sure a large percentage of backroomers could tell you of one that happened this very morning on the way to work.

It's annoying, but grinning and bearing it seems to be the only option.
Reporting careless/Dangerous driving - teabelly
The website idea crossed my mind too as I am getting fed up of idiots overtaking in 30 mph zones and nearly going head on with oncoming vehicles. One I saw last week in an almera was a total fool and decided that he was going to overtake at all of 35mph. He had to swerve in at the last second to avoid the large jaguar coming the other way. The lights were on red at the traffic lights at the bottom of the hill so I pulled up right behind him. I noticed he was resolutely not looking in his rear view mirror. I've been overtaken in the same place several times all because I happen to be sticking to the posted limit. I wonder why I bother sometimes as I think it might actually be safer to speed so these idiots don't do daft overtakes.
Reporting careless/Dangerous driving - Kuang
Yeah, I often think the same thing. I've actually found myself picking up speed simply to stop the moron behind me taking on the ridiculous overtaking move that quite clearly isn't going to work - under the circumstances, I tend to see that as defensive driving, as I know I'll be forced to slam the anchors on and possibly swerve just because someone else has put me in a dangerous position. If I have passengers in the car I'm just not prepared to take that risk.

There seem to be so many roads where the 'single lane becomes wo-lanes for a junction, merging back into one *just* after it' scheme defies logic - it just leads to hasty overtaking of the type above, queuejumpers and cars fighting for position. You can't help thinking that if the road before and after the junction can only support one lane of traffic, whats the point of feeding two through the junction itself for all of 30m or so?...

It's just the same when people cut into your 'safe stopping distance', forcing you to drop back as they merrily tailgate the vehicle in front. Sometimes the best you can do is up the level of resistance until they think twice...
Reporting careless/Dangerous driving - Stargazer {P}

This doesnt read very clearly......3 lanes and right hand lane to turn right, but you approach in right hand land intending to go straight on?

Can you clarify please?

Ian L.

Reporting careless/Dangerous driving - pdc {P}
He does say that right is for ahead or right turn.
Reporting careless/Dangerous driving - Stargazer {P}
Thanks, sorry about that, my misreading.

Interested as I see similar cases at a couple of roundabouts on the A44 almost everyday. Cars taking the empty lane to bypass a queue
and then cutting in front of cars at exit points. About one accident a week morning and afternoon.

Ian L.

Reporting careless/Dangerous driving - X5
I believe that in Germany you can actually do this, and the Polizei will act on the complaint. Thay will also accept the uncorroborated evidence of two people in the same car (eg Herr und Frau Schmidt). I heard of one Brit a couple of years ago who (possibly because he was a Brit ) was the victim of a stitch-up of this sort. He left Germany, and when he came back, the border police collared him with respect to his conviction for a motoring offence that he strenuously denied.
Anyone have any better recall of this/info?
Reporting careless/Dangerous driving - Dwight Van Driver
If proceedings were taken then PU would be delighted to defend the Honda driver.

On a one to one without independent witnesses then a counter accusation will almost certainly be made. "But I was signalling to turn right - he never saw it and attempted to barge through.
Mobile phone - no never"

Put yourself in the place of the Bench - just who do you believe.

It is for this reason such complains to the Police are not welcome for there is a great deal of work for no outcome at the end of the day.

If you are ever involved in something like this try and get witnesses if you can, the more independent the better.

Reporting careless/Dangerous driving - Cliff Pope
I know what you mean Teabelly. On the other hand there is a percentage of drivers who just have "I'm an overtaker" written all over their faces/cars, and there comes a point when NOTHING will stop them overtaking. If you encounter one of them then increasing speed just adds to the severity of the resulting incident or accident.
I think one just has to accept the advice of the esteemed Ripley, and let them go, slowing down or pulling in if need be. At least you will live, they will probably die soon. And it might be your misfortune to have tangled with one of these road-rage nutters.
Reporting careless/Dangerous driving - Roger Jones
Yesterday I reported to a hire company the lunatic driver of one of their trucks. I know not whether he was employee or customer (although there was a nuance in the conversation perhaps indicating the former), but they were clearly grateful for the information, which they took down with great care. It's not just that he tailgated me just a few feet off with headlights on at 30 mph, but he then roared off at at leat 50 mph in a 30 zone, tailgated several other motorists at equally catastrophic proximity, finishing his act by overtaking several cars through the diagonal white lines that are supposed to tell you that you are passing through a hazardous stretch, in this case a staggered crossroads. I was staggered, I tell you. I did say to the company that I was considering reporting to the police the worst driving I'd seen in a long time, but it wouldn't do any good, as I'm afraid we all know. At least there's a chance that responsible employers will take these matters seriously, and I imagine that a hire company won't be too pleased at its vehicles being put at risk.
Reporting careless/Dangerous driving - AN Other
Yes - altough these kind of drivers might be in umarked company cars (a case for posting company nrs on the side, perhaps?)it's amazing how many drivers think that recklessness in a vehicle with your bosses phone nr on the side is going to go unreported. Take the number if you happen to stop close to it in traffic and report them - eventually the penny must drop, I suppose.
Reporting careless/Dangerous driving - Obsolete
I see dangerous driving on a regular basis and yet I only really drive a lot at the weekend. I think the police would not be able to cope if we reported all if it. Anyway, I like to think that really dangerous ones will be picked up by mobile plod. The fact that the number of mobile plod is going down each year along with the number of dangerous driving prosecutions is less than reassuring.

A lot of the dangerous driving I see is as per Britain's Worst Driver show i.e. blatant disregard for others safety.

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