politics of envy ? - volvoman
This phrase has come up a bit lately with regard to the choice and suitability choice of our cars and it set me thinking (always dangerous I know!). Does this argument betray something about the mindset of those who use it ? Do some (NOT all) of these people buy cars primarily in the belief, even hope, that those around them will be envious? Is that what it's all about, driving around feeling in some way superior ?

I'm all for respnsible choice and would certainly buy a car like an SUV if it fulfilled a genuine and practical need but as for making others envious, I really couldn't care less about that sort of thing.
politics of envy ? - bartycrouch
I'm afraid it is just an easy (although it can be effective) method of stifling debate. I believe that there is even a term for such a concept in propaganda (inoculation - make an accusation before it is levelled at you). The answer to your question is "yes, it does say a lot about the mindset of those who use it."
politics of envy ? - Mark (RLBS)
A somewhat tenuous link to motoring, and even that - SUV ownership - is being discussed elsewhere.

I'm closing this thread.


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