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Ancient BMW 7 window problem - GRaham
Does anyone know of a cheap and simple 'fix-it' to stop my worn drivers window from jumping off the runners.

Ancient BMW 7 window problem - David Lacey

We get this a lot with certain Rover & Honda models. There is no quick & cheap fix for this problem. It can run into hundreds of £'s to fix - some cars requiring new window regulators and glass run seals. I shudder think of the price for the parts for your 7-Series!



PS. You could try a BMW specialist for used parts, but they could be just as worn as your parts
Re: Ancient BMW 7 window problem - David Woollard

Does the window jump off the lower channel that supports it or out of the side runner/channels?

Re: Ancient BMW 7 window problem - Andrew Moorey
Gallon of petrol and a box of...........................
Re: Ancient BMW 7 window problem - David Woollard

Got the mail thanks.

If you take off the door trim and run the window up and down I bet you'll see why it is popping off.

Often you will see the vertical runner channels are bolted to the sides or bottom of the door construction. In the past I have packed out or filed the mounting holes to bring these channels closer in on the window glass. Problem solved.

Sometimes the window keeps jumping out of the bottom clamp that holds the glass to the regulator. This can be hard to fix, the last one needed a windscreen firm to bond the glass back to the clamp, that repair has been fine.

Another fault can be that one of the regulator mountings to the door comes off, then the window skews out of line as it moves and falls from the guides. Just replacing the regulator in the mounting hole and bolting up solves this.


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