renault savanna diesel intermittent star - lexie
i have an 1993 savanna 140k most of the time it starts ok but recently she turns ok but wont start.i,ve checked that diesel is reaching the injectors ...its not ,then a few minutes later she starts ok and drives ok, help please
renault savanna diesel intermittent star - big davey
if your problem is in the cold or the engine is cold, it sounds like the glow plugs need changing. It will get slowly worse to start as the colder weather closes in, you can check the plugs a few ways, the way i use is a multimeter on ohms setting, disconnect the link wires to the plugs, you can leave one on, and check the reading at each one,ie. red to feed part and black to any earth preferably the plug body, you should get a reading of about .8. if its reading zero its u/s.if you find 2 or 3 gone its best to fit the set. good luck.
renault savanna diesel intermittent star - M.M

Had a very similar problem on this exact car a couple of times (different ones).

I get the impression from your post you seem to think this is something intermittant rather than the usual sluggish diesel problem.

Obviously things like glowplugs, fuel supply, air ingress, cranking speed, engine condition all need to be considered but there could well be something specific to your car causing this.

My first experience was a few years ago where a new customer asked me to check out one of these as it kept cutting out, most frequently just after starting, on leaving the drive or just up the road. It drove them mad and despite attempts from two garages the problem continued. The last guy to look at it said the next move was to replace the glowplug control unit at about £100 fitted. He admitted this may not help and then he said the car would have to go to an auto-electrician...and to allow £200 minimum for a lengthy check through the wiring.

Because I like a challenge I offered to take a look, keep the investigation cost to two hours labour, and discuss things with the owner after that.

They drove the car to me...perfect. I spent over 90 minutes doing everything possible to make it stop but it was perfect. And then for some reason I found it was possible to make the engine stop by pressing on the passenger floor carpet in a certain a passengers feet might!

Found that the standard fit key operated immobiliser (found by opening the glovebox and looking up on the nearside of the centre console) was quite crudely connected to divert the main engine wiring loom power feed into wires under the carpet and up to the key position.

It was the connection under the carpet close to the nearside sill that was intermittant and the lightest touch would cut all power to the engine compartment.

I joined the loom together with heavy duty screw terminal conectors, leaving out the immobiliser, and the car was perfect.

The second time I had this poblem of course it was a simple matter to make this check/repair and sort the problem.

Yours may not have the same immobiliser, even if it has it may not be the problem...but well worth checking.

So my first step would be to get a voltmeter on the stop solenoid (and the glowplugs of course) when this is not starting and see what is happening.

Good luck,


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