Covered No. Plates - Ash Phillips
Saw a double decker flatbed recovery with two very new and very pranged cars on its back on the M1 today. Nothing unusual but both had duct tape over the reg plates obscuring them. Never seen that before. Is is just an over zealous driver not wanting to present 3 different rear-facing plates or is there another explanation? Not life and death or anything but gave me something different to think about and I thought someone here would know for sure.

Re: Covered No. Plates - Woody
Possibly to stop the vrm's being cloned?
Re: Covered No. Plates - David Woollard
My guess is that this is to stop an ID of the vehicle while it is in the "admin" stage prior to repair or payout for insurance.

There is a breakers near us that has such tape across number plates as you describe, this is when the cars are in the holding pen prior to insurance clearance. Have also seen it at loads of other similar places.

It is one of the many small clues to look for with a quickly repaired damaged repairable. If you ever see a car for sale with traces of gaffer tape glue/backing across a no plate beware.

There is a "back street" seller of damaged repairs near here. Every other one of his cars has this tell tale sign. Why he is too lazy to clean it of I don't know.

Re: Covered No. Plates - geoff
If cars have been in fatals number plates are covered to aviod distress to relatives
Re: Covered No. Plates - Ash Phillips
Never thought of the accident thing. My thoughts were it was something a little dodgy, maybe trying to avoid having the thing identified as an insurance job or write off. But who would be able to identify it anyhow? I thought only the police had that kind of technology, or are they expecting someone off the street to 'phone an insurance co. and blow the whistle? Seems far fetched.
Re: Covered No. Plates - honest john
Take a look at Mike Rutherford's column in today's Motoring Telegraph.

Re: Covered No. Plates - Brian
On the accident theme, I passed one early this morning where the ambulance was just pulling away from what looked like a frontal between a car and a motorcycle. From the amount of damage to the car it didn't look good.

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