Mouse warning! - Andrew Hamilton
My neighbour seems to suddenly have these attractive little creatures coming in presumably from their holiday in the fields. Unfortunately they have an early demise. It made me think on examining these handsome little creatures how much damage their teeth could do to car wiring.
So far they have come in the house, since blocked off, and now into the shed. It seems only a matter of time before the nice dark garage becomes a target.
She leaves no food out for the birds so I am not sure why she is so favoured! However I shudder to think of the cost if they chewed through a wiring loom.
By the way she loathes them despite my attempts to point out how healthy and clean they are!
Re: Mouse warning! - David Woollard

This is serious. We live in a rural location and a little later than this the mice (and rats) move from the fields to the sheds etc. And they love a warm car. We have one under the bonnet most years and they will eat rubber and plastic. They seem to like a certain grade and so far have left the wiring insulation in favour of plug lead rubber and similar.

We have to be very stern with them!

Re: Mouse warning! - Andy Bairsto
We have a terrible problem in Germany with wild mink and martins ,the can reek havoc on a cars wireing,Most accessory shops sell kits from repelents to sirens and other gismos
Re: Mouse warning! - honest john
See thread headed 'cat warning' for the solution to this.

Mouse warning! - David Lacey
We have had to replace complete engine wiring harnesses due to rodent damage. They seemed to have an affinity for Japanese wiring as found on Honda engined Rover models.

All these re-wiring jobs were fortunately covered by the owners insurance.
To have a car recovered into us in a non start condition and to find several hard-to-find wires completely bared to the wire and shorting across was something new for us the first time!

Now we look for rodent damage early on. Also checked during routine servicing - as a lot of our customers are farm/countryside based.


Re: Mouse warning! - Hugh
Mice can be a real problem on combine harvesters due to the difficulty of cleaning out all the grain - I recently spent a happy hour with a roll of tape patching up last winter's damage! Does anyone Know of a mouse repellant (not mains powered) to spray on the wiring?
How they get to you. - David Woollard

Note Carole Adams has been carrying her mice to pastures new for a fresh start.

Bet that's why you have so many.

Re: How they get to you. - Carole Adams
Ah but my mice didn't stay in pastures new. They came back to my house. Regularly.
rodent tales - Randolph Lee
About 25 years ago I had a Jeep wagoneer that was left in it's garage for 2 months one summer whaen I was at sea... whaen I returned I could nt get it to turn over even with a jump start more than a rev or 2... had it towed to the shop and they found that the whole right bank muffler system had been packed solid from valves through the manifold the resonator and muffler with dog food... chipmunks had stuffer more than 30lbs of it in for winter food...

Re: rodent tales - Brian
Maybe the standard procedure for laying up a vehicle should have"Seal off Exhaust Pipe" added?

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