White Van Drivers - Mark (RLBS)

We've heard all the stereo types and the comments, many of which I've probably said myself; but over the last two weeks I've been driving a high top, LWB, LDV. And yes, its white.

Nobody lets you out. Not ever. No matter what. You have to push out.

Everybody, and I mean everybody, pulls out in front of you. Whether they are some lunatic kiddy in his go-faster honda or some old guy in a Morris Traveller.

Even "real" truck drivers treat you with contempt.

Everybody feels your in the way on the motorway, irrespective of which lane you are in or what speed you are doing.

I have a whole new understanding and if I had to be treated like that for any longer than two weeks, I reckon my own driving would become pretty anti-social as well.
White Van Drivers - Cardew
Chicken or Egg?
White Van Drivers - Wales Forester
If you think that's bad Mark, try driving a bus for a living!

White Van Drivers - Hugo {P}
Well it must be only white vans that suffer this abuse.

You will know by now that I regularly drive my own SWB Renault Trafic, which is purple and orange (colours chosen by previous owner - a stationery/printing company). I also regularly drive my car, a fairly ordinary Xantia.

Like many car drivers who hire vans, I tend to drive the van rather like I would the car, I say with the mentality of a fairly caring driver but just allow more space etc.

I don't really find that there is any real discrimination exhibited towards me in treatment of me as either a car driver or a van driver.

The only thing I have to be aware of is that the van is slower than the car and hence I am more concious about maintaining speed on some country lanes etc. In town, the speed limits are so low anyway this does not make any appreciable difference.

When I have had heavy loads, pushing the limit for the van I have stopped to let cars by. I know there is nothing worse than being stuck behind a vehicle moving at 25mph in a 60 up a winedy hill (erm spelling!).

In fact I think car drivers are surprised to see van drivers treat them with respect. In addition good eye contact with other drivers, whilst smiling gets you let out at many awkward junctions, of couse followed by a thank you wave - they see a person rather than a WVM!

Mark, you probably notice that right turns out of junctions can be awkward due to no visability behind the passenger door.

A good tip is to position the vehicle square onto the main road to enable you to see the whole of the left hand side of the road. Too many people have the van pointing in the direction they want to turn when they come up to a junction, even if the junction is askew to the main road.

Nest time you approach a junction you'll know what I mean.

White Van Drivers - HF
I've always thought white van men are much maligned.

Of course there are some that fit the stereotype, but there are also some drivers of just about every type of vehicle that fit the same stereotype.

I honestly haven't experienced any difference in the spectrum of driving courtesies from WVM as opposed to any other sort of driver. They are just as likely to let me out etc as any other, and I afford them exactly the same courtesy by not discriminating against them in any way.
White Van Drivers - Dwight Van Driver

As a WVW in the past did not have the difficulties you mention.

Maybe its our only chance at having revenge for our chopped posts?

White Van Drivers - volvoman
Quite co-incidentally, I was sitting on the bus with my son a few days ago and started to think how differently car drivers would behave if they had the slightest idea of just what sort of stress and silly antics bus drivers have to put up with!

Far too many people are willing to condemn others when they have no idea of what's involved in their jobs, lives etc.

Whilst it may be difficult to arrange to drive a white van for a week or two, it's not difficult to travel on a bus and my advice would be to do so a few times and just think about what that driver is having to contend with. Empathy will follow I'm certain and that will manifest itself in more consdierate driving when you return to the car. Who knows, like me, a few of you might even realise that in many situations buses are actually more convenient than cars and well worth using!
White Van Drivers - Wales Forester
Nice to know someone realises!

White Van Drivers - Burnout2
My reluctance to give way to white vans - and goods vehicles generally - is principally about not wanting something in front of me that's smelly, slower than me, and restricts my view of the road ahead. Ingrained prejudices about the driver don't come into it.
White Van Drivers - GrumpyOldGit
The way I see it is that a commercial driver, be he WVM or HGV, is at work in his office. I'm not, so I give way and make allowance for him so as not to delay or interrupt his business.
White Van Drivers - Hugo {P}
The way I see it is that a commercial driver, be
he WVM or HGV, is at work in his office. I'm
not, so I give way and make allowance for him so
as not to delay or interrupt his business.

The same is said for taxi drivers (including black cabs), Minicab drivers, plenty of company/fleet car drivers, small vans - infact a sizable proportion of the cars on the road at any one time.

Also there is another proportion of drivers who are usually trying to get to and from work.

I like your arguement GOG but it's often hard to decide who's working and who's not these days.


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