Ford Focus TDCI A/c and MPG - kal
Hi recently hired a ford focus TDCI. A number of observations. Car had very little low end torque and thus had to work the gearbox, certainly found the car struggled when in 4 th gear at 30mph. Relatively poor mpg as well average of 42mpg.

Second the a/c sytem seemed quite weak, it works better when the car is on the move, is this just the laws of physics at work!!!

Over to you guys.
Ford Focus TDCI A/c and MPG - blank

My experience is a bit different from yours!

I recently drove 250 miles in a 35k mile Focus TDCI estate. I thrashed it mercilessly and drove far faster than I should've including 100ish for much of the motorways. It was GREAT FUN, though not very good for cruising at a steady sensible motorway speed due to the huge amounts of mid-range torque and over-light throttle pedal.
The engine would pull from idle speed in 5th and the a/c was plenty good enough. Certainly much better than our 99 Mondeo.
Fuel consumption at the end? 45 mpg. Damned good I think.

Wouldn't swap the Mondeo for one, for our long journeys, because it's not very relaxed on the motorway and the seats are not very supportive.

I reckon yours was not run in, hence the poor power delivery and economy.

Ford Focus TDCI A/c and MPG - Altea Ego
I had one of these for three days. Ghia Estate. Have to say I agree with both posters above re performance. It was a little lacking in torque low down in the rev range, but when it came it was in spades! A fabulously sporty diesel lump and great for blasting down country roads. However the flow of air was a bit feeble, it was noisy (road noise mainly) and not a relaxed cruiser. so reluctantly it went back with a couple of regrets but no loss.

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