Amphibious car - wow - henry k
Most impressive demo for lunchtime TV.
Watch it if it is repeated later today

Unlike all others I have seen the wheels fold up for 30mph on water.
Amphibious sports car - SjB {P}
Hyperlink on the page that also plays a BBC video clip.

An unusual take on the rarely successful theme of amphibious cars, though £150,000 for an MX-5 lookalike that happens to double up as a speed boat? Yikes!

Amphibious sports car - J Bonington Jagworth
Very neat (it was on ITV news tonight, too) but a solution in search of a problem, methinks. What's wrong with having a car and a boat or (for that money) a car, a boat and an aeroplane?
Amphibious sports car - waterboy
One might outflank Red Ken's cameras?

Tomo as was!
Amphibious car - wow - Ian (Cape Town)
Looks pretty good to me!
Expect a rash of speed-control cameras coming to the waterways near you!
Amphibious car - wow - cockle {P}
If you were to exceed the limit on the waterway would you still get three points? :-)

Amphibious car - wow - Hugo {P}
I still reckon one could design a budjet version,

Light weight mid engined car to spread the weight, fold up wheels (into the wings) and a neatly stashed outboard (60hp or more may be needed).

Amphibious car - wow - AlanGowdy
Anyone remember the Amphicar from the 1960's? Made in Germany with Triumph Herald mechanicals as I recall. A sort of updated civilian Kubelwagen.
Amphibious car - wow - Sooty Tailpipes
There was something a lot more utiliarian on ebay for £30k recently. I think there is also some military thing called a Duck? which you can get for a few grand, obviously not at all sporty!
Amphibious car - wow - none
joosisiqu, I think they were DUKW's (whatever that is). A sort of platform mounted on eight wheels and a propeller and able to drive from land to water and back again.
Back in the 50's a couple of them used to work on Cleethorpes beach. Load up with 20 or so day trippers, storm across the mud flats into the Humber, get everyone on board wet, then back for the next load of happy punters.
Amphibious car - wow - none
I can also remember the 'Caraboat'. Basically a caravan with an outboard motor. Just tow to the seaside and launch.
Not many left now !!!
Amphibious car - wow - DavidHM
Still running in London and I believe on Caldey Island in West Wales - certainly were 10 years ago, picking up tourists on the 2 mile boat trip across from Tenby.
Amphibious car - wow - teabelly
Don't stalwarts go on water also? Not very fast but I think they sort of float. No idea how you steer them though.... Didn't someone on Blue Peter take a vw beetle with a few modifications and an extended exhaust pipe and try and cross the channel in it?
Amphibious car - wow - HisHonour {P}
A section on the Dutton Mariner web site explains how they drove (?) one of these things over the channel to within 3 miles of Boulogne. That rather begs the questions of what happened next and why didn't they get to Boulogne - but they are not forthcoming on that score!
Amphibious car - wow - HisHonour {P}
There is no speed limit on the tidal part of the Thames!
Amphibious car - wow - THe Growler
Yes, well, been done already some years ago I believe:
Amphibious car - wow - Clanger
Nice toy but I can't see any running lights for when you're batting up the Thames on a dark winter's eve after some hard graft behind a Docklands desk.

Too much trouble to fit red and green lights to left and right and a white at the rear?

For £150K I'd expect the job done properly.
Stranger in a strange land
Amphibious car - wow - HisHonour {P}
Had enormpus pleasure this evening watching two plonkers drive down the slipway in Lymington in a Dutton Mariner. They drove too slowly so that this front wheel drive abomination (based on a Fiesta) had the front wheels afloat but the rear wheels and water jets still out of the water. They then spent 20 minutes revving the motor and spinning the front wheels in the water without moving an inch. All this watched with great glee by an increasing number of onlookers. It is so true that the number of people watching you doing something rises in direct proportion to the stupidity of the thing you are doing. Many digital photographs were taken which may well appear in coming motor and yachting magazines!
Amphibious car - wow - henry k
Too much trouble to fit red and green lights to left
and right and a white at the rear?
For £150K I'd expect the job done properly.

Where is anchor number five and to what does it attach?


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