Small Cars needing high revs ! - Chuck Brooke
Dear John,

I have a Nissan Micra 1993 L 1.0 litre 40ks on the clock.I travel 6 x miles daily to work and 6 x miles back. This is in the New Forest area on winding roads up to 40 MPH.

With the new small cat cars needing high revs I stay in 3rd gear up to and including 40MPH just about all the way on my journeys to work.
Is this good practise to adopt as I only use the car on short journeys?
I know fuel consumption will be up but will the gear box be damaged because of this?
Would I be better useing all 5 gears and instead go for a 20 mile extra round trip once a week?

Thankyou for your advice

C Brooke
RE: Small Cars needing high revs ! - honestjohn
You could use 4th for the last couple of miles.


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