307 = Ford Pinto? - andymc {P}
Ok, maybe that's a bit of a tabloid headline, but maybe not. Just happened to catch a Watchdog report about a safety issue with the 307. The gist of the report is that cars built from April 2001 to later in the year could have a fault with the ignition, in that the key can remain stuck in the starting position and keeping the starter motor running. The starter motor isn't designed for this, so if it happens then it doesn't take long for it to overheat, which can lead to an engine fire. Scarily, this can happen quite quickly and cause faults with the electrics - such as activating the central locking.

The programme's journalist got this from a forensic technician (possibly forensic "something else", I wasn't taking notes!), who said that it was possible that the car could catch fire and lock you in it, or lock you out of getting someone else out of the burning vehicle. Peugeot's recall was, according to the show, classified as "non-safety". For a soundbite, the forensic guy was asked whether he would be happy to drive a 307. He said he wouldn't even park next to one.

307 = Ford Pinto? - Martin Wall
From the car-by-car breakdown on the 307:

"September 2003: Repeat of 2002 ignition switch recall to try to catch cars which escaped because when the switch jams, the starter motor remains engaged and this can lead to a fire."


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