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Can anyone recall a thread about trying to sell cars that were owned by a recently deceased relative? (I searched but I can't find anything!!)

Where can I gain a valuation etc?

Thanks in advance

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Practical Classics magazine has valuations for most older cars, although you might find them a bit on the high side. If you want a decent price and have a genuinely good / interesting example, the relevant owners club website often has a for sale section which is sometimes even free to advertise on. Also useful for gaining an idea of value. And then there's always Ebay...
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i started the thread, can't do a link (ignorance i'm afraid), but it was morbidly titled "insurance and death", last post 13 August, which should help you locate it.

As to valuing, depending on the car, someone on this site maybe able to help if you post the details. With some of f-i-l's other possessions, we contacted an auction house who were very helpful. Depends on the car.

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The thread is here:

The car in question is a 98 Rover 400, so hardly a classic though.

It may be worth a read for you in your situation - and sympathies on your loss, of course.
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Thanks for your suggestions.

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