Small cars for small people - littlelady
Can anyone help? I am only five foot tall and looking for a new small car. I currently have a Fiat Punto and find that as I have to have the car seat so far forward my legs are dangerously close to the steering column. Can anyone advise on what cars I could be considering
Small cars for small people - Welliesorter
You need a car with a seat and steering wheel that adjust up and down as well as backwards and forwards. The Polo and Fabia have these. I'm sure many other cars do too but it's less common in small cars.
Small cars for small people - Another John H
The newest Micra suits my daughter: it has lots of adjustment. - she also is 5 foot nothing.
Small cars for small people - Andrew-T
My daughter is also 4'12" and is happy with her Peugeot 206 (after a few 106s).
Small cars for small people - Altea Ego
Nicolle at 5'4" is comfortable in a clio
Small cars for small people - Reggie
Citroen C3. Height adjustable front seats, height adjustable front seat belts and height and tilt adjustable steering wheel. Also a great little diesel engine available, and my wife is 4'10" and loves driving it.

Small cars for small people - hootie
Just been through all of this ourselves looking for a new car for our daughter who's also a 'littlelady' :)

In the end, after the help and advice of BR'ers settled for a Toyota Yaris - which although it doesn't have a height adjustable seat, has a brilliant driving position for her and good visibility. She also likes the positioning of everything too.

Although still learning, she's driven a Punto, Corsa, Fiesta and a Swift, and likes the Yaris best.

Not sure of your price range, but I always harp on about there being no substitute for a good distance test drive, not forgetting to manoeuvre and reverse the car too.

Good luck with your choice and please let us know what you decide upon - I read through a lot of comments about choosing cars and insurance, in which other peoples' experiences and comments were very useful.
Small cars for small people - Canon Fodder

As a word of warning, the Fiesta advertises itself as having height adjustable seats which in practice means a rather bizarre balloon under ones, that inflates as you pump up the 'height adjuster' - very nasty.


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