Scotchguard - Claybuster
Anybody know of a stockist in the Teesside area of the above or similar product?. Getting a new car soon and would like to "childproof" the trim and carpets.
Much appreciated Claybuster
Scotchguard - No Do$h
Halfords sell a "teflon" kit that does the same (and includes a dedicated cleaner).

I can vouch for the effectiveness. Take one Alfa with a black cloth interior, add one 3-and-a-half year old daughter, sprinkle with chocolate and add some clay (please let it be clay) on her shoes.

Didn't spot it until the next day (it was dark when we got home) when it had all had the chance to bake in 80+ temperatures.

Came off in 30 seconds with the cleaner BEFORE I had the chance to treat the seat with the stain preventer. Retried the experiment after treating the seat and it came off in 5 seconds flat. Highly recommended.

Costs about £15
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Scotchguard - No Do$h
It also works on the output of the same teeny person when suffering from explosive travel sickness.... which was why I got the stuff in the first place.... and still I didn't put the preventative stuff on until after the chocolate incident!
If I don't reply it's nowt personal, I'm just working!
Scotchguard - 007

No Dosh...Six weeks ago and again today I phoned Halfords to enquire about just such a product. On both occasions the answer was "No"!!!

Please would you tell me a little more about it...such as a brand name and product name. If there is a bar code on the container...the number on same would help to identify it even better.

Many thanks.
Scotchguard - LongDriver {P}
Saw the stuff on the shelf in Halfords in Carlisle today...will make a note next time I'm in there (errr probably very soon as the new 53 plate motor has got exploded flies all over it already!!).

Will post details on here.

Scotchguard - PoloGirl
On a kind of related note - anyone know how to get butter chicken out of car seats... the really oily bit of it that rises to the top of the take away carton?

Scotchguard - Victorbox
I use Groom by Ambersil (orange & black can from Halfords) for most interior car cleaning as the foam, (shake can well) floats most grease/dirt away in one go. Butter might need several applications. Always check for colour fast materials, but I've never has a problem in a car. Usually it makes the bit you've cleaned look so new you end up treating the whole seat. Do rub with a damp cloth too as per instructions. An aunt once thought just spraying & letting it soak in would shift the grime! Funny I remember butter being recommended as a way of getting tar out of cloth, so presumably you must then be able to wash the butter out afterwards.
Scotchguard - Mondaywoe
Maybe it works in reverse - rub some tar into the butter....

Seriously, though, have you tried a very gentle touch of white spirit? (almost did a typo there and said white spit!) I find white spirit very useful inside and outside cars. Generally it doesn't stain or damage paintwork / upholstery but try an inconspicuous area first.

Scotchguard - No Do$h
I'll be home at the weekend so will get all the details for you. It comes in a blue box about 12" high by 8" wide and 4" deep. The box contains a spray can of cleaner, a sponge and a trigger-spray of the teflon stuff. I've only seen it in the rebranded "orange" Halfords Superstores so that may explain your problem.

PG, this stuff will work on oil/butter/ghee stains as well.
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Scotchguard - J Bonington Jagworth
" the really oily bit of it that rises to the top"

Recent news on this is that the proprietary spiced sauces used have a colourant based on clothing (rather than food) dye, so it might be difficult to shift! Not very good for you either, I imagine...
Scotchguard - Dan J
No Dosh - would really appreciate it if you can offer any further info regarding this Halfords product as am having trouble finding it!

Cheers - Dan
Scotchguard - the answer! - No Do$h
Right, that's Peterborough a distant memory for another week.

The product is called "Teflon Upholstery & Carpet Care Kit by Simoniz". The packaging is as described above. The barcode is 5010218332010 and it also lists part no. 207295.

The box advises that for further information, contact Simoniz Consumer Relations on 0161 491 7391.

I will see if I can find anything else on the web for you.

Happy Hunting!


Heaven is work's car park in the rear view mirror
Scotchguard - the answer! - No Do$h
This place is cheaper than I recall paying at Halfords:

Short of cleaning your car for you, I think that's as far as I can go!

Happy cleaning.

Scotchguard - the answer! - Dan J
Many, many thanks ND.

>>Heaven is work's car park in the rear view mirror
Boy are you not joking! Very glad it's the weekend...
Scotchguard - the answer! - No Do$h
Happy to help. Now all repeat after me: "There's no such thing as Monday" and all will be well......

Scotchguard - the answer! - Claybuster
Found the stuff at Halfords, it's as NoDosh describes, my local Halfords are doing it at £10.99 for the kit. Also found at my local B&Q Scotchguard waterproofer for external use at £6.99 a spray tin and also a "upholstery and carpet protector" at about £6.00 for a 1L trigger spray. Buying some on my way to work tonight. I'll try it on the car carpets next week and will reply back if anybody's interested
Scotchguard - the answer! - 007
Thanks 'No Dosh'...success at last. For the record...local Dealer from whom I recently bought a new Honda, tried very hard to sell me Supaguard internal and external protection for £235!!
With this kit and the full Autoglym treatment I have been able to do it myself for a tenth of that!
Scotchguard - the answer! - No Do$h
My brother picked up a new Leon Cupra in the spring and rang me to see if the Supaguard treatment was worth it. I recommended he ring around a few valeters and find one that did a full Autoglym service and to treat the interior himself with the Simoniz Teflon. The chap who did the valet cost £39 and saved my brother a laborious Sunday afternoon and the effect knocks supaguard into the ground. Now it's just a brief wash and shine each week with a polish once a month and a resin finish every 3 months.

Top tip: When you've finished with the chamois on the outside of the car, wring it out and use it to wipe over the whole interior (dash, seats, handbrake and gear-lever gaiters, pillars, steering binnacle etc), rinsing from time to time. It lifts the dust out of the texture in the plastics and will lift the grit from your seats. For airvents and other hard to reach crevices, keep a 2" paintbrush handy. Much easier than breaking your wrists trying to "ease" your hoover around the interior!
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Scotchguard - the answer! - M.M
No Dosh's product is good but if you want just the protection at "trade" prices look

This is the website of Grangers International. Look for clothing or tents in the drop down menu and that should lead you to the Fabsil products.

I buy the standard Fabsil protector in 5lit cans for about £23. You'll see that's a bargain if you consider the 500ml packs often seen at up to £12 that will no doubt be the same chemical.

At the bottom their website has a stockist search by postcode.


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