Renault 5 vibration problem - bga
Hi all, have been lurking for a while but now actually have problem!

I have M reg renault 5 on 80K

recently there has been a vibrating noise coming from the n/s front. The frequency of the vibration increases as the speed increases. I have not noticed any differences in handling at different speeds (between 30 and 60 mph).

The wheels appear to be fine (no abnormal tyre wear, have been balanced recently and no weights have fallen off).
The car hasn't been kerbed or taken off road.

I have taken it to one garage who initially diagnosed it as a bent driveshaft, however they now think it's suspension related.

I'm no expert but wouldn't expect something it to be the suspension as the frequency of the noise is directly related to speed and not road surface. If it is the suspension then is it possible that the suspension fault is a symptom and not the cause?

I would appreciate any ideas??


Renault 5 vibration problem - sean
hi bga.

Your car is front wheel drive via shafts of about 1.5" diameter and 14" long, from memory.

To balance them they have cylindrical balancing weights, looking very much like large Metalastik bushes.

I know these come loose and can catch on the inner wings producing just the symptoms you describe.
Renault 5 vibration problem - bga
Thanks sean, i'll suggest they check it out. cheers bga
Renault 5 vibration problem - sean
Very easy for YOU to do, you know.

Pinch the dog's bed.

Stick it down next to the car.

Put your hand inside the wheel hub and feel up inside the driveshaft.

When you come to a 4" diameter wheel, that is what you're looking for.

Is it loose? Is it rubbing on anything?

If yes, then garage work.
Renault 5 vibration problem - bga
Hi Sean, I only said I'd suggest it as the garage have got it currently and are frankly being a bit useless (It's not even that I have high expectations!). I am going to see them tonight and will do as you suggested.
Cheers bga.

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