VW Variable servicing - shoei
What will my car do to let me know it needs servicing?
VW Variable servicing - daveyjp
If its like the Audi you can check the distance to service by pressing the button under the rev counter when stationary (not the one which resets the mileometer!). In any case the system tells you when you have 2,000 miles left before service.
VW Variable servicing - bertj
Yes, you will be irritated by a count-down message starting an unbelievable 2000 miles before the car needs servicing!
VW Variable servicing - mmm-five
But the 2000 mile warning is to enable you to give the dealer enough notice (usually 2 months or so) to supply you with a courtesy car when you take it in for a service.

I do 500 miles a week so when my last light comes on (in a BMW) I know to get the earliest possible date booked at the specialist.

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