Idea to beat depreciation - JohnX
I was researching on the idea of buying a used car with an average budget of 5000-6000 , when i saw an offer which seems extremely good.
This was a discount of £3500 on the new Almera 1.5 S bringing the price down from £10750 to £7245.
This is a straight 33% off the list price of the car!
Now assuming the depreciation to be 30% after an year , if one were to sell off this car even after an year , there would only be a minimal loss if at all any!
Agree the Almera is not an easy one to sell off , but what would you think about this!
Any ideas on this?

Idea to beat depreciation - malteser
There is only one criterion to consider, from a list price/part exchange offerpoint of view and that is "How much to change my car?"
Far too many financial illiterates are beguiled by £1000 minimum PX on any old rust bucket.

Rest assured, the "new" car will be priced up at close to £1000 more than it is truly worth. I know - I used to do it and it works !!!

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