Sunroof/aircon - mal
Been looking at changing my wife's car (hate that word swimbo).
But what limits the choice available is the current trend of not fitting a sunroof, with aircon becoming standard in all but the basic models.
Personally we like the benefit of a sunroof as well as aircon to alleviate the claustrophobic feel without it.
So to change our car to another with a sunroof we would be forced to consider the "top of the range" fully loaded models which are always a lot of dosh for the privilege.
Wonder if there are many who feel the same way as we do and are some marques losing out because of the decision not to have aircon and sunroof together?.
Sunroof/aircon - flatfour
After having the sunroof smashed by thieves, putting up with the thunderous noise and rattles, the restriction of head room, I was delighted to have climatic control in leu of a sun roof, however my collegue is always moaning about his air con not working properly, but then he always has his sun roof open to let all his smoke out the car.
Sunroof/aircon - philcook
Have you looked at the Daewoo range you get a lot of car for your money I,ve got climate control and a sunroof

Sunroof/aircon - andymc {P}
Funny, I've always found that a sunroof makes a car more cramped, not less, due to the reduced headroom. Every car with a sunroof that I've had has forced me to recline the seat further back than is comfortable, even with seat height adjustment at its lowest level - and I'm not that tall, 5'9".
I know what you mean about claustrophobia though - some cars with dark interiors, chunky C-pillars, relatively small windscreens etc can seem more cramped than they are. I remember What Car did an ergonomics report a year or two ago, where they rated cars on ease of operating controls, seat and wheel adjustment, ease of getting in or out, etc - they probably looked at this issue too. The Honda Civic was the overall winner, even though it didn't have an adjustable steering wheel. If you think this might make a difference, the report might still be on their site - if you can't find it there, post here and I should be able to dig out the magazine.

Alternatively, you could always treat yourself to a convertible!

Sunroof/aircon - mal
Being a Honda devotee, me, Civic Aerodeck wife, Honda Jazz "Bumpy" (unfortunately).
We looked at the Civic diesel so as not to lose out too much on mpg as the Jazz does an excellent 52mpg on a daily 60 miles on mixed town and A1 single and dual carriageway driving. We found the current Civic to have a harder suspension than my previous model Civic as well as not having a sunroof unless we went top of the range. Surprised to note they do not have adjustable steering.
"Bumpy" definitely has to go some day in the near future.
As far as looking at Daewoo, Sorry but I have never liked them.
Sunroof/aircon - DavidHM
Maybe the new Mazda3 will do what you want? No idea what it'll cost or if it'll have a sunroof but it apparently has an excellent ride (according to AutoExpress), should hold its value well, be put together properly - Ford is now using Mazda as the benchmark for all its manufacturing programmes - and not be too expensive to buy.
Sunroof/aircon - andymc {P}
Sorry Mal, I wasn't quite accurate there - the Civic's steering adjusts vertically but not telescopically. Obviously the fact of the dash-mounted gear stick/lack of transmission tunnel, together with the huge windscreen don't make it feel airy enough for you to not need the sunroof. Is it only this range of cars (medium hatch) that you're looking at, or would you consider something a bit larger?
Sunroof/aircon - mal
She won't drive anything bigger than the medium sector, It's a shame the jazz does not have a softer ride as it is an excellent car otherwise but that was our mistake believing that Honda always get it right first time, I admit our decision making at the time was clouded by our loyalty to the brand!.
Sunroof/aircon - Altea Ego
Track down a mid to top range Renault scenic mk1. Models are on run out, clearing stocks for Scenic 2. Top range ones (dynamique plus upwards)have twin leccy sunroofs and aircon, and as run out models are dirt cheap. There may be some Fidji's with sunroofs, (not standard tho)

Also its got really really big windows, so even if you dont get one with sunroofs, its still feels very airy and light. Nicolle loved driving mine (and is upset I got rid)
Sunroof/aircon - weatherwitch
Going back to one of the questions, the only benefit of air con for me is the speed with which it demists the windows. Other than that, air con both in cars and buildings make me extremely ill. Means I have to rule out cars on some spec that's seen as mod con LOL

Give me a sun roof anyday :)


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