Company Car Help - aylesby
My company car offer is £350 per month for contract hire on a fully maintained car at 20,000 miles a year and based on 3+33 payments. Evrything but insurance cover is to be included in the contract hire.

I am interested in a diesel that seats 5 adults in comfort with lots of carrying capacity. My best deal must then be a car which maximises its % of residual value to list price at the end of three years and has minimum CO2 emmisions.

An X-trail SVE is the best I have come up with but the emmisions are a bit high.

Any ideas out there.
Company Car Help - LongDriver {P}
How about a Galaxy TDi with the back two seats left in your garage?

I test drove the X-Trail SVE several times before making my decision on what I'm collecting from the dealer's tomorrow. I thought they were pretty good, but I wouldn't want to drive 20k miles per year in one. The interior looks like it came out of the spares bin at Nissan as well...

The X-trail's cup holders will last approx 5 mins, the stereo looks like it came from Halfords and the dashboard was nicked from a van...
Company Car Help - aylesby
Thank you for that and I know what you mean about the X-trails interior.

All the mass market marques have poorer residuals because there are a lot of them about and this inflates their monthly charge.

The quotes on deisel Mondeo estates were so high its hard to belive companies can afford to use them. The Galaxy Tdi and Passat SE 130 estate went the same way.

Company Car Help - DavidHM
I agree that the budget is a bit on the low side.

Having looked on the website, you should be able to get a fully maintained Seat Alhambra (same as the Galaxy, but apparently cheaper to lease) or Mazda6 2.0 diesel estate for under £400 per month with a £1200 deposit, including VAT. Neither is fully loaded but they do do the job.

As tins is personal leasing this works out at about £340/month + VAT, and there may be better deals out there anyway.

If you want space, comfort and low prices, look at the Citroën C5. Residuals are pretty poor and tins' prices don't include the current VAT back offer, but the prices are so low that I'd be surprised if you could't get a good deal.

Also, if your company doesn't have a specified supplier, get a copy of TopGear or What Car? magazines and look at all the contract hire companies in the back as there is some variation in prices.
Company Car Help - Altea Ego
The best value quote i got for a company car was a Ford Focus Diesel. Got a really good price on a Ghia estate, and would surely fit the bill for space, comfort amd low Co2 (145) rate. In the end I plumped for a Laguna 1.9dci co2 rated at 150. The estate has loads of room.
Company Car Help - flatfour
Just had a Renault Scenic diesel yesterday for a trial, and was very very impressed, try one it's smaller than the Galaxy, but a lot quieter and easier to drive.
Company Car Help - Altea Ego
That must be the new scenic, cant be the old one. Whats it like?
Company Car Help - SpamCan61 {P}
I had a play with a new scenic 1.9dCi on Saturday as well; I was really rather impressed. I think it would take a while to get used to a centrally mounted digital speedo (you can't keep the speedo in your field of vision when looking at the road ahead). Six speed 'box useful; although the gearchange is rather vague; presumably because the dashboard mounted stick is an awful long way from the actual gearbox.

The electric handbrake was my toy of the day : pull up to a 'T' junction on a hill, flick the switch and the handbrake is on. When a gap appears in the traffic foot down and off you go, both hands on the wheel, the brake disengages automatically.

The 1.9 dCi has bags of torque; a very nice car to drive overall. Loads of toys aimed at the family market i.e. second rear view mirror for keeping an eye on the kids, integral rear sun blinds.

Trouble is wifey now wants one; but can't wait 10 years until it reaches my 'bangernomics' economic model for car purchase ;-).


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