Bicester - PoloGirl
Not sure if this is strictly in the right place or not (powers that be can feel free to delete it tomorrow afternoon!)

I've got to meet someone at Bicester tomorrow (it's halfway between the both of us...) and I've never been before.

I will be going up the A34 from Newbury - does anyone know if are there any major landmarks/services etc that I can easily find and meet someone at?

Bicester - henry k
Easy answer. The A34 meets the M40, straight over the M40 and take the A41 towards Bicester. At the second roundabout turn right past Tesco to

It will possibly be very crowded but park up as directed.
Meet at the Coffee shop - Pret a Manger or by the big honey bear statue in the main street.

You might even be tempted to buy the odd item while you wait. gives you the list of outlets.
There are no car showrooms there just the odd good buy.

Alternatively meet in the Tesco next door.

Do let us know the outcome.


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