1987 1.3 Golf hesitates - Halmer
when accelerating under load, for example, when going up a a hill(don\'t laugh) particularly when cold.

Has anyone any idea why. I\'ve just had it fully serviced but the problem is still there.
1987 1.3 Golf hesitates - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Start by carefully examining the HT system. If the cap rotor or leads look at all doggy change them. These tend to get little more than a cursory look during servicing as there is nothing to look at inside the dizzy (no points). Check also the coil tower for cracking or tracking of the 'nose' of the coil. Pull each of the leads out of the cap and check for corrosion (green powder).

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1987 1.3 Golf hesitates - Halmer
Thanks Andrew.

It might be as well investing in a new set of HT leads as I can't recall ever replacing them. I also noticed that there was no mention of the fule filter this time it was serviced yet last year they replaced it. They probably forgot to order one in at the time of service.
1987 1.3 Golf hesitates - aylesby
I have had a 1986 1.8 Mk 2 from new. The engin over revs as it fails to convert additional load into additional power as the clutch enters its final stage before replacement.
1987 1.3 Golf hesitates - Halmer
I've taken the air cleaner off and had a bit of a look at the leads etc.

One of the leads has a puncture wound in the rubber just by the metal bit that fits on the plug. It looks like I can see copper there but I'm not sure. I have wrapped some insulation tape around it and taken it for a run. It may have cured it but I will only know when I run it from cold in the morning.

Could this be the cause?

Can I buy single HT leads?
1987 1.3 Golf hesitates - Dizzy {P}
There's just a chance it could be an exposed HT lead causing the misfiring as you suggested. If an exposed part of an HT lead conductor is close to an earthed part of the engine, the spark is likely to short-circuit under high engine load and cause a misfire, even though it works OK at low loads. The fact is that the spark finds it harder to jump from one electrode to another under higher engine loads because the higher cylinder gas pressure increases the resistance to electrical passage. It might be worthwhile making sure that the live parts of the ignition system are well away from any metal or coolant-carrying parts of the engine. I doubt if ordinary insulating tape is enough to insulate HT parts.

Alternatively, the cause may be carburation trouble like a mixture that is generally too weak or does not enrich enough under cold load. I'm not familiar with the Golf engine so can't be more specific.
1987 1.3 Golf hesitates - mal
The easiest way check if the HT leads are tracking across to earth is to find a dark unlit spot, run the engine and look under the bonnet and see if it is sparking anwhere. It's never failed for me in my early bangernomic days.

1987 1.3 Golf hesitates - DL
New leads aren't expensive from the likes of GSF etc
1987 1.3 Golf hesitates - Halmer
£29.95 from Halfords for a set.

£8.95 for a Dist cap.
1987 1.3 Golf hesitates - DavidHM
www.eurocarparts.com - also local branches nationwide

£20.56 for ignition leads
£5.01 or £5.11 for a distributor cap

Both including VAT. If there is a Euro within 20 miles, but Halfords is cheaper, they should price match.
1987 1.3 Golf hesitates - DavidHM
Nearer. I blame the wine.
1987 1.3 Golf hesitates - Halmer
Thanks for the help people. Didn't get chance to drive the car and test it today. Will use it to get to work tomorrow and post back.
1987 1.3 Golf hesitates - Halmer
It's run 100% today so it's nigh on certain that the problem is the damaged HT lead.

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