The perfect 'average' car - edisdead {P}
Does it exist?

This post was prompted by my recent attempts to discover which make and model best suited my own needs, by asking a well known motoring website via its Used Car Chooser functionality. It brought back everything from Kia wotsits to BMW blahs. Hmmm, useful, said I. I suspect my ideal car lies somewhere between the two, but how do i define ideal?

We all have different priorities when choosing a car, but if we take an 'averaged' weighting of every motorist's requirements, then we must be able to arrive at a formula for building the 'perfect' car for the 'average' motorist, whatever that means. Take an arbitrary 'average' balance of the following criteria:

o reliability
o performance
o quality
o value for money
o practicality
o image
o drivability
o economy

Is there a car which fulfils an 'average' motorist's requirement for each of these? What is it?

(For example, in terms of quality, the 'average' motorist will demand > Lada, but < Bentley).
The perfect 'average' car - mlj
I guess my car comes close. Pre-reg Toyota Avensis, 16 miles on clock, £10K.
Dull but worthy I have seen it described as, but reliability, quality of dealer support,practicality and economy all score very highly.
The perfect 'average' car - edisdead {P}
Funny you should say that, I'm considering the (old) Avensis to replace SWMBO's 416 when it eventually gives up. But don't tell her that ;-)
The perfect 'average' car - Aprilia
I would agree with Avensis. Perhaps also Primera/Mazda6/Mondeo?

Practical, reliable, modest running costs and with ride, handling and safety all of a very high standard.
The perfect 'average' car - Chad.R
IMO the new Mondeo would be hard to beat but any one of the newer mainstream mid-range models would probably be OK; Citroen C5, Mazda 6, Vauxhall Vectra, Toyota Avensis, Renault Laguna etc.

If you were scoring points on those criteria, they would probably all have an identical average score but the point distribution would be fairly different.

The outright winner would really be down to the individual's "weighting" of each criteria.


P.S Did I really mention a Vauxhall Vectra in that list?! :-)

The perfect 'average' car - Canon Fodder


Surely you forgot 'comfort'? That would have been my number one priority - after all if the seat or driving position gives you back ache you'll never enjoy a journey.

By the by, I reckon that seat comfort/driving position and interior quality are the main reasons why VAG products sell so well, what with their reliabilty not being the very best.

Getting back to your list, I don't think you can include 'Image' when talking about the 'average' motorist, surely thats too subjective? 'solution' would be the Honda Civic 5dr.

The perfect 'average' car - Jonathan {p}
My 1998 mazda 626 is almost perfect in every category (at least as far as I am concerned).

Reliability - its a mazda!

performance - 2l 16v 113bhp, 0-60 in 10.5 secs - nothing outstanding,

quality - no major squeaks, rattles or bits falling off, feels solid,

vfm - £1600 for a motor of this quality with climate control, elec toys, cd player - I'd say so!

practicality - a reasonably spacious 5 door hatch, nice sized boot - only issue is boot release is either key or footwell, no button on boot.

image - ok its not a ferrari, but against a mondeo i'd say it holds its own (even if people don't know what it is)

drivability - you don't own a mid range hatch for its cornering ability - although I've got no problems with it so far.

economy - 36mpg on a motorway run (500miles on a full tank), I'm happy with that.


The perfect 'average' car - edisdead {P}
In agreement with all suggestions above.

Just to add my opinion,
I think the question is possibly so subjective that there isn't really an answer. One person's average is another person's dream.

CF - comfort! Good point. Much as i love my wee civic it's a bit of a pain to get in and out of it.

Late Carina-E?
The perfect 'average' car - SteveH42
The main problem is that there is one category in which there is no such thing as an 'average' motorist - usage. A lot of people drive the car alone (no passengers) so something smaller would be ideal for them, but conversely would be no use whatsoever to a family of 5 or 6. You'd have to have several 'ideal' cars, one for each category, but who decides the categories?
The perfect 'average' car - Hugo {P}
To me, the ideal car is one that costs little to run and to buy, so there's little money tied up in it, but it produces high scores for reliability, economy, comfort etc and it suits my needs.

Wife 2 kids Mortgage etc

Has to be my Xantia. Despite the fact that it's now 10 years old, its comfortable to drive, starts first time every time, economic, reliable, safe, fast for its class (130bhp) etc etc. I reckon I've got another 3 to 4 years in this one when it'll be worth pants and I'll probably give it away or break it for spares (selling them through the paper).

The only drawback is that it is not an estate, but then with the van, I don't need an estate. The odd time I have to carry anything in it, the hatchback loadspace is adequate.



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