Mystery car - Garethj
I always thought I had a well fitting anorak when it comes to odd cars, but one has got me stumped. A friend mentioned a car he saw yesterday, and I can't think for the life of me what it might be.

Small, boxy little rag top which he reckoned looked 60's but was on a '91 'H' plate (possible late import?). Shape reminded him slightly of the Daf variomatic, but he's convinced it was either a Pug or a Renault? Also had a 'sport' badge on it somewhere apparently

Any ideas guys?

Our best guess so far is a Talbot Samba convertible which took the dealers 6 years to shift?

Mystery car - GS
Nissan Figaro?
Mystery car - Garethj
Don't think it's a Figaro. The guy drives a Morris Minor and claims to recognise old metal when he sees it. The only other clue I've had from him is that the car was tan & brown.

How about a Peugeot 304 cabrio.....

Mystery car - Aprilia
The seldom-seen Trabant Cabrio??
Mystery car - Canon Fodder
Reanult 9?

I'm not sure they made a rag-top version though....

Mystery car - DavidHM
Doesn't sound like the description but here's a (US spec) Renault 9 convertible:

Only ever sold in the US but I reckon a few must have made it over here with service personnel and the like.

The last would be 88 so E, possibly F reg.
Mystery car - DavidHM
How about a Skoda 136 Rapid convertible; potentially new enough, not a factory conversion as such but backed by the importer, and rare enough not obviously to be a Skoda any more. Maybe?
Mystery car - Garethj
Not a Renault 9, and my guess of a Pug 304 is wrong too, apparently it was smaller than that. No fins at the rear so not a Trabbie either.

Latest point to add is that the bonnet and boot were of similar dimensions so the Skoda is out too I think.

Any more ideas? I hate to think we've been beaten!

Mystery car - mare
one off conversion of a Nova Saloon?

or a kit car?
Mystery car - DavidHM
Aprilia's suggestion could be a good one then:

Seldom-seen, admittedly, but not actually non-existent.
Mystery car - AR-CoolC
I'm going with GS's first sugestion

Nissan Figaro, only imported '90 to '91 IIRC

The only slight dought is that the Figaro is very rounded.
Mystery car - borasport20
90's import of one of the Italian mini derivatives such as Autobianchi or Innocenti ?


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Mystery car - Garethj
It's not a Nissan Figaro, surely they were never available in tan & brown? Definately rounded too, not boxy.

The Trabant 601 has tiny tail fins so it's not that, the ones before were very curvey so not that either.

Autobianchi / Innocenti sounds promising!
Mystery car - DavidHM
Don't forget that anything with a suffix registration can be yaers older than the age plate; but by 91 cars that were reregistered in this country were either given a Q plate or the plate that was current when they were originally registered, in the UK or elsewhere.
Mystery car - DavidHM
Don't think the Italian Minis were really three box though... and some kind of weird Wolesley Hornet/Riley Elf reshell convertible Mini would be well, too odd to contemplate, even if it could carry a H plate.

Here's a beige Figaro though; never actually noticed them in that colour myself, just pale green or baby blue.
Mystery car - AR-CoolC
I still think its a figaro, look at the above and below pictures, some people may describe them as boxy.

Here's another link, show the photo to your friend.
Mystery car - PST
Reliant Scimitar SS1?

Produced round about that time and fairly boxy.

Mystery car - mike hannon
I seem to recall there was once, briefly, a Yugo cabriolet...or did I dream it?
Mystery car - DavidHM
This one has been heavily modified but it's still a Yugo Cabrio.
Mystery car - Garethj
After careful consideration over the weekend a Nissan Figaro was favourite. We printed off a picture and showed it to him this morning. Surprise surprise, it looked rather familiar! Our spotter also proved his keen eye after he told his missus about the search and she told him it was pale blue, not brown!

Apologies for wasting your time chaps, turned out to be the first thing you suggested. He was just so insistent that it was a brown boxy Pug.

With observation like that he must be a used car salesman's dream :-)


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