Volvo Pierburg -> Weber Conversion - Panhead
I have read some posting w.r.t. the conversion of a Pierburg to Weber carburettor for Volkswagens. Has anyone experience with this conversion for the Volvo Pierburg 2B5? And with which supplier?
Volvo Pierburg -> Weber Conversion - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Southern Carburetters 0208 540 2723.Reasonably easy conversion, does away with the myriad of vacuum hoses and gives you a manual choke.

Simplicate and add lightness!
Volvo Pierburg -> Weber Conversion - bertj
I did this conversion years ago on a 740. Fuel consumption improved slightly but power was down and there was a definite hesitation on the transfer from the first throttle barrel to the second. The manual choke was a slight bonus. Unless you can get the conversion very cheaply and/or your Pierburg is worn out, I think you would be better saving your money!
Volvo Pierburg -> Weber Conversion - Panhead
The main problem I have is the choke, which is not working.
Volvo Pierburg -> Weber Conversion - pettaw
Have you tried posting on the Volvo Owners Club message board, delete this address if it shouldn't be here, but

You need to register to post, but post on the 700 forum, and most likely they'll help you fix your auto choke, or give you advice on how to do the conversion.

I've gotta say IMO I'd stick to the original if its working generally OK, and just sort out the choke problem. Thats what the car was designed for.

If I remember correctly, the auto choke has both a vacuum and electrical inputs, but the guys on there will know much more.
Volvo Pierburg -> Weber Conversion - Panhead
Just an update: I installed the Weber conversion kit and it's a big improvement. Thanks for the input.

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