Was diesel cheaper than petrol - Ben79
Is it my imagination, but did diesel used to be cheaper than petrol in summer and slightly more expensive in winter when people bought heating oil?

I was looking forward to cheaper fuel in summer.

Oh well.
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Was diesel cheaper than petrol - cockle {P}
Yep, I seem to remember it being like that, something to do with there being less demand for the part of the oil that DERV comes from in the summer but as heating oil is required from the same part in the winter the demand was higher, hence higher price. At least that's what I remember being told when I were a lad,(cue brass band in background). Don't know how true it was but seemed to have a logic to it, doesn't seem to apply these days though, perhaps less demand for heating oil.

I'm sure someone will come up with a precise answer to prove me right or wrong and burst another of my boyhood bubbles!

Was diesel cheaper than petrol - sean

You know that you are right.

Almost all oil comes out of the ground and is "cracked".

Different volatile elements are distilled off at different temperatures.

Supply and demand tells you the rest.

Well no. Not all the rest. What will you pay?

Market forces. I think you know a lot more than you say.

Well done, my friend.
Was diesel cheaper than petrol - Altea Ego
I may be talking out of my botty here, but i seem to recall as a lad, that they charged more for Diesel in winter because they claimed to put "antiwax" in the mix.

Certainly recall seeing many a lorry on a cold frosty morning with a bundle of burning rags under the engine to get the derv flowing again.
Was diesel cheaper than petrol - Baskerville
There are more diesel cars than before, therefore there is more demand. Therefore they can charge more. Given that diesels use about 25% less fuel than petrol equivalents, they could charge quite a lot more in theory. Let's hope that doesn't happen, eh?

Cheapest of all is the stuff they put in ships. Nasty, black, sludgy stuff. In fact ships are the main particulate producers in Europe by a very long way.
Was diesel cheaper than petrol - MisterMethane
Also the aviation industry is in recession and kerosene sales must be down. As this is similar to diesel prices should be down.
Does diesel get refined from crude that only comes from certain geographical areas such as Iraq ?
Was diesel cheaper than petrol - Cliff Pope
I think long ago diesel was much cheaper than petrol all the year round, because the tax used to be much lower. Now it is so much more popular in cars they have put the tax up. Watch the tax go up on LPG if it really catches on.

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