sluggish Range Rover - David hendry
On 30.7 I asked for suggestions to my sluggish Rangie, having been advised by the specialist at Marting Hussingtree that the likely cause was that the timing had slipped a cog.

Other advise I had was a complete top end rebuid with a new camshaft as camshafts only last 100,000 miles

As I thought I was being had I put the problem on this page.

I received 3 replies all of which suggested the LPG system wanted tuning.
So I screwed the LPG regulator a turn and also turned the distributer a tad. Hey Presto quite a difference , at least I am now satisfied with its performance.
and saved at least 500 quid!!!!!!!

So much for specialist diagnosis

Thanks to those who took the trouble to help me out.

Re: sluggish Range Rover - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)

Although I am not an expert in LPG systems, and did not contribute to your earlier thread, I am glad that your problem was sorted through this site.

Specialist diagnosis is HERE !!

Regards, Adam
LPG Tune-ups - David Lacey
LPG fuelled vehicles do indeed require frequent tune-ups (especially the ones without a lambda probe)
This is more important in the early life of the system whilst all the springs and diaphragms wear in.
Sluggish performance, poor fuel economy and backfires are all indicators of a badly needed tune up.
Glad you've sorted the problem out



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